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Telenor subscribers in Booni feel cheated

BOONI, Nov 11: Just about 15 days after launching its service in Booni and adjoining areas, the mobile service providing company Telenor has not only dashed the hope of the subscribers about availing of a modern means of communication but also caused millions of rupees loss to the subscribers and franchise holders here. 

A few weeks ago, the company had launched its service after making its newly-installed towers in different parts of upper Chitral functional. However, only a day or two later, it suspended the incoming call service that too was of poor quality. Now the company has also shut down its outgoing calling facility and its technical staff members brought here from Punjab have left the area saying there was some fault in the mobile tower at Mori Lasht that would be fixed after the winter season.

People here while talking to ChitralToday lambasted the mobile company as well as the local authorities for what they said looting the citizens in the name of providing them mobile telephony. They said they had purchased SIMs of the company but days after launching its service Telenor shut down its service. Over a dozen of franchise offices of the company had also been opened in Mastuj and Booni which have now been closed down.

People who dealt in mobile accessories had started selling SIMs of Telenor but now they also feel cheated as the SIMs have become useless while people who had purchased the SIMs from them are insisting on refund.

On the other hand, people in the Molkhow, Torkhow, Laspur and Yarkhoon valleys had pinned high hopes on the company that it would also launch its service in their areas. But with the poor show of the company and the failure of its service in Booni, they also have lost hopes.

The local residents appealed to the government to take up the matter with the higher authorities of the mobile company to make it sure that it re-launched and provided uninterrupted service to the subscribers of the area where there is no other facility of proper communication.

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  1. Ali Safdar says

    Can someone now ask the MNA, to talk to the GM about the issue because he was the one who was showing all the related paper work to media. of making it happen.

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