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JI also opposes powerhouses' contract to AKRSP

DROSH, Nov 9: Jamaat-e-Islami Chitral chief Haji Maghfirat Shah here on Sunday seconded the demand of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) that the provincial government should withdraw its decision of awarding contract to establish small hydel power stations in Chitral to the Aga Khan Rural Support programme (AKRSP). jiBased on their sectarian leanings, the two religio-political parties have declared the AKRSP as a controversial NGO. However, the KP government has chosen other NGOS as well in a number of districts, including the SRSP, for the construction of the powerhouses. Speaking at a public gathering at Murad Stadium in Drosh, Maghfirat Shah said the step of the KP government to allocate funds for the construction of the hydel powerhouses in Chitral was a right step but choosing the ‘controversial’ NGO for the project in the valley was against the aspirations of the local people. He said the funds should be taken back from the NGO and utilized by the government itself. At the same time, he discussed different issues such as terrorism in Pakistan, enforcement of Shariat in the country and said the JI had always rendered sacrifices when the country needed it. He also demanded that the government should take steps to eliminate terrorism in the country and also bring to justice those who carried out a suicide attack on people at the Wahga border recently in which over 60 people were killed. The public gathering was presided over by Maulana Abdul Rauf. Those who also spoke on the occasion included Hidayatullah from Denin, Maulana Salamatullah and Alhaj Khursheed Ali Khan. The speakers demanded that instead of two days a week, the under-construction Lowari tunnel should be opened for the public on alternative days during the winter when the Lowari pass road closes due to snowfall. They also called for the upgradation of the tehsil headquarters hospital in Drosh.–Photo & reporting by Jahan Zeb]]>

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