Chitrali candidates ignored in AKRSP recruitments

CHITRAL, Nov 3: During the recently-completed recruitment process in the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) Chitral, the local candidates were neglected and most of the jobs were doled out to outsiders. logo_akrspThe AKRSP advertised several positions for its recently approved KP government-funded micro hydle power projects. But the recruitment process was not fair at all, said sources. In the very initial stage, the project manager was hired without advertising the position. The project manager belonged to another province. Later, the finance section’s head, finance officer, procurement officers and engineers were also hired from other provinces, creating frustrations and disappointment among the local well-educated and qualified youth. The education ratio in Chitral is high and there are a large number of educated and experienced youth to fill the vacant posts in different development organizations. But the rural support organization – AKRSP – hired outsiders for the positions for which educated and experienced individuals were available in the district. The sources claimed that all this happened due to the interference of the AKRSP headquarters, which has also created anger and frustration among the local staff of AKRSP. It has been learned that at present there are at least 12 electrical engineers and six civil engineers in Chitral who have been looking for opportunities in Chitral. Besides, the number of unemployed associate engineers (sub-engineers) crossed the figure of 100 but one such opportunity available with the AKRSP was also offered to an outsider. The youth of Chitral have demanded the provincial government to interfere in the matter and give the youth of Chitral their rights. Despite reepated attempts by ChitralToday, officials at the AKRSP head office could not be contacted for their version on the allegations.]]>

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  1. We the Chitralis have always problem regarding our rights. We always respect others and forget ourselves. This is what I never understand and why in Chitral.
    Many engineers and finance and administration guys have been ignored but there is no voice against AKRSP and its management.
    The youth should be organized against such ventures of the NGOs as most of these organizations are supporting personnel and families in Chitral.

  2. Dear all Engineers, Dont be frustrated but fight for the rights of Chitralis. It is a pity on AKRSP for this high level blunder and prejudice towards the Chitrali youth.

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