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Autumn colours at their best

MASTUJ, Oct 31: With trees wearing colours of all hues, the autumn season here is heralding the arrival of the winter with residents of Mastuj preparing to brace themselves for the months-long season when life will come to near-halt in the area. autimn2 copy The trees here are shedding their leaves and villagers are seen collecting the produce of their year-long toil and gathering fruits, vegetables and firewood for storing them for the winter. They are also feeding their animals which they would slaughter and use in the cold season. For this, they are feeding the animals the best food taking proper care of them. The farmers are also collecting apples and walnuts. From walnuts, the usually prepare Chitrali Halva called Shoshp. Though apples have been plugged for sale and eaten away, some fruits still show their presence among the yellow leaves of the fruit trees. ]]>

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