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Villagers demand immediate repair of pedestrian bridge

MASTUJ, Oct 30: The pedestrian bridge connecting Sarghuz village with Mastuj in upper Chitral has been in a dilapidated condition for long but no authority concerned is bothered to repair it. 

The people of Sarghuz, including students, have to visit Mastuj for lots of work on a daily basis as the village has no schools and health care centres. To meet their travel needs, a seasonal bridge used to be built in every winter as in summer it would be washed away by the Laspur river. In the summer the area people had to use the Kuna bridge.

But a few years ago, a new all-weather bridge was built in front of the Sarghuz village which due to lack of maintenance and repair is now in a very poor condition and can cause any misshape. Scores of people have already lost their lives while crossing the Lapur river flowing between the Sarguz and Mastuj village.

The people of the area have demanded that the government should repair the bridge before it collapse or cause any incident.–Kaleemullah 

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