Woman from Mastuj gets Nelson Mandela Human Rights award

CHITRAL, Oct 27: Rubina Aziz from Mastuj, upper Chitral, has been crowned with the first Nelson Mandela Human Rights Award initiated this year by a Pakistani NGO for her services in promoting human rights and creating awareness among the people of the backward and remote valley.

She received the award at a ceremony during a ‘democracy festival’ in Multan, organized by the Centre for Human Rights Education. It may be noted that the Centre for Human Rights Education gave the Nelson Mandela Human Rights Award 2014 to young human rights defenders from all over Pakistan to encourage them to struggle for the voiceless and oppressed members of society.

A large number of people and human rights activists from different parts of the country were present on the occasion. Ms Rubina is a member of the Qashqar Area Development Programme (QADP).

Talking to ChitralToday correspondent on phone, Ms Rubina said she had been raising voice under the platform of her organization about the promotion of human rights and values at all forums. She said she always worked for the promotion of education, healthcare and women and children’s rights. She said the award would be a catalyst in her struggle in the field of human rights.

Meanwhile, Sajid Hussain, the executive director of the QADP, said that the award was a big honour not only for the organization but also for the people of Chitral. It would also helped in motivating other Chitrali women to work in the field of human rights in the valley, he added.

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  1. Ispa he kai Rubina o te Mubarak bad doman. Sajid Mansur kia lu ki diti asur, horo parwaho mo korar. Paisa diti ki gani asur d, hes horo sahi approach. Hanun zamana paisar ghair ka ta te zahar d no doni.

  2. What is the legal status of Nelson Mandela Award. Before giving any award in the name of the great Leader to some one by any Organization, is there any rectification of the use of award/name from the country of the the concern??

  3. The stature of Nelson Mandela should be respected while giving out something in his name. Most of us chitralis have not heard about the good things that our sister Rubina has done for human rights. For all you know she might have done her bit .To be fair to her the organization dishing out this medal should highlight what she did before conferring the award , but for God sake not in Mandela’s name.
    Nelson Mandela was a brave man. His spending 27 years in jail for a cause was a small part of what he was able to achieve at large for his people . The fault lies in this NGO dooling out awards in his name to make poor Mandela turn in his grave. Its become a fashion with the NGOs playing with Chitral , Kalash and likewise, enough of this.

  4. This is totally a farce award given by an unknown organization which has no credibility. Now a days there are such organizations which trade in gold medals, awards and prizes and confer it upon some one after receiving a hefty amount of money as its price.
    such a drama some one had staged with Chitralis some years ago in Nishtar Hall Peshawar in which gold medals were conferred upon Chitralis while the so-called gold medal proved to be just a piece of tin. We, the gullible Chitralis easily fall prey such persons and my sister Rubina Aziz must be one of the affected who has lost her money to a meaningless thing. So I sympathize with Rubina rather than congratulating her.
    To be frank, I ask my dear sister Rubina that what accomplishments she had done for the human rights. We came across her name for the first time. Would she or someone else such as Muniba Sehrish Hussain please explain and describes her accomplishments in the field of human rights?

  5. Heartiest felicitations to Rubina Aziz, her family and entire Chitral for having been awarded with the first Nelson Mandela Human Rights Award.
    Zahir Uddin

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