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Chitrali man becomes CEO of Aga Khan Foundation

Akhter Iqbal from Chitral has become CEO of Aga Khan Foundation.

Prior to it,  Mr Iqbal was posted to Kabul, Afghanistan. He will assume the charge by the first week of next month.

In his early 30s, Mr Iqbal rose to the top position of the prestigious international organization after starting his career in a lower rank from the AKRSP Chitral office in 1999 in enterprises section after obtaining a master degree in public administration from the Peshawar University, a source in the AKF said.

Mr Iqbal went to Afghanistan in early 2001 and continued his job in AKF in various positions and his exceptional performance elevated him to the position of chief executive officer of the organization in Afghanistan four years ago.

“In the international organizations of the stature of AKF, it is commitment to work and personal acumen which makes matters in the promotion of its personnel and the elevation of Akhtar Iqbal from a meek position to the top rung of the organization is the example”, he said.

Working in eighty countries of the world, the AKF has played a major role in various development sectors of Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan fighting the rampant poverty prevailing in the area.  Reporting: Zahiruddin

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