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Chitrali man becomes CEO of Aga Khan Foundation

Akhter Iqbal from Chitral has become CEO of Aga Khan Foundation.

Akhter Iqbal becomes CEO of Aga Khan FoundationPrior to it,  Mr Iqbal was posted to Kabul, Afghanistan. He will assume the charge by the first week of next month.

In his early 30s, Mr Iqbal rose to the top position of the prestigious international organization after starting his career in a lower rank from the AKRSP Chitral office in 1999 in enterprises section after obtaining a master degree in public administration from the Peshawar University, a source in the AKF said.

Mr Iqbal went to Afghanistan in early 2001 and continued his job in AKF in various positions and his exceptional performance elevated him to the position of chief executive officer of the organization in Afghanistan four years ago.

“In the international organizations of the stature of AKF, it is commitment to work and personal acumen which makes matters in the promotion of its personnel and the elevation of Akhtar Iqbal from a meek position to the top rung of the organization is the example”, he said.

Working in eighty countries of the world, the AKF has played a major role in various development sectors of Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan fighting the rampant poverty prevailing in the area.  Reporting: Zahiruddin

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  1. Shah Karez says

    Great example set for the youth of Chitral. Wish you good luck with the new assignment.

  2. sajid mansur says

    My God! yet another series of congratulations incessantly from Zubaida to now Akhtar Iqbal. Please stop it Mr. Editor as all this irritates me. I had decided never to log on to but I am so addicted to it that I failed to do so.
    If we see in merit, then it makes no sense to heap congratulations on a doctor who simply passes an examination or a NGO employee is transferred from Afghanistan to Pakistan.
    A Chitralio, I again ask to you that MOSH BOR KORUM KORUR PRUSHTI BOGHUR, ASMANTU NISUR MAGAR MUBARAK BAD MO DIOR because it will stop your pace of development. I regret highly if someone is fretted.

    1. Muniba Sehrish Hussain says

      Mr Sajid Mansur/ Mr. Asad Munir/Mr. Abdul Bari, as i went through the comments, it seemed to me that either you three are same person, or three different people with the same weird mindset of getting irritated on achievements of others. I tremendously felt pity for you for having such a mentality, and then i thought how you must be feeling each and every day while looking at the accomplishments of others, feeling pain and irritation for no reason and getting upset at the time when others are celebrating their happiness. I’m really sorry for you.
      I would like to give you a piece of free advice: As you have declared that you are addicted to chitraltoday and cant stay away from it, but when you visit the page you come across the achievements and congratulatory messages of your fellow men and that is unbearable for you. The advice is you visit your favorite page and read the news which comforts you i.e some death news, some news of jalsa juloos or some other political news. You dont need to open the news in which the heading is about some accomplishment as the latest one is about a lady getting Nelson Mandela award, the congratulatory messages are in extreme right, you can easily abstain from them by not clicking on them if you dont want to burn in jealousy and keep crying in your room while the great characters in the news are joyous, grateful and looking for more achievements. Good luck.

      1. Asad Munir says

        I do not know about the other two, but I am a third person with no link to the other two ( I swear). Mr. Akhtar Iqbal is a great human being, gentlemen to the core and his achievement is something to be proud of. As a professional and as a human being he is a role model and I will stand up and bow in his honor.
        However, you can see the difference. Here no one is claiming to be the first one to be a CEO, the first one to be a CEO in Afghanistan etc etc. It is just news of achievement of a humble person and is in good taste.

  3. Imaduddin Torkhow says

    Dear Akhtar Iqbal,.
    On this happy occasion I would like to extend my sincere congratulation not only to you but to all chitrali community. Our heads are very high and we are really proud of you. Good luck for the new high responsibilities.

  4. Muhammad Hakim, China says

    Dear editor
    I am very pleased to see your recently published news about our brother Akhtar Iqbal’s appointment and transfer to Pakistan from AKRSP Afghanistan as the country chief executive officer of the AKF. It is good news not only for him but also for the chitrali nation and especially a unique example for the young generation of Chitral. If our Chirali young generation will emulate him they can easily get the goal of their life, because Akhtar had started his career as an ECG technician from the district headquarters hospital Chiral. With the passage of time, he improved his education, talent and joined the AKRSP Chitral. Later, he was selected as the country manager in AKRSP Afghanistan. He discussed with me at his home two years ago that he was among 1600 people who appeared in the interview for that post and short listed with five others. At last they were again short listed and finally he was appointed on the post in Afghanistan. I am his teacher of GMATE, and taught him math. I am also lucky that this great man was taught by me. As his sincere teacher I am congratulating him through your news channel on his elevation to the post of CEO of AKF Pakistan.
    Muhammad Hakim
    LZMC China Sichuan

  5. Shamsuddin says

    Heartiest congratulation to Akhtar Sb for his new assignment, we hope like Afghanistan he will work with AKF Pakistan with exceptional performance. We are proud of him.

  6. Tajuddin Sharar says

    Heartiest congratulation to Mr. Akhtar Iqbal on embarking on a new leadership role. It is a merry occasion for all of us and indeed a big achievement. Congratulation once again!

  7. Shamsul Haq says

    My heartfelt congratulation Mr.Akhtar . it is indeed a matter of pride for all friends and well wishers.

  8. Adnan Zainul Abideen says

    Mr Akhtar Iqbaal Sb,Congratulations for another feather in Chitrali Pakol.We are proud of you being icon of dedicated hard work, ownership of the institution, outstanding service delivery, excellent leadership qualities displayed both within and outside your organization. By working very successfully in the troubled belt of the globe you have shown that now sky is not the limit.
    I think your elevation to the top most position of AKF Pakistan is well deserved, based on your high talent and a recognition of extra ordinary performance you extended so far. Our heads are very high with your this achievement.On this happy occasion we extend our heartiest congratulation to the entire community of Chitral across the world and wish you all the best ahead. Cheers and congratulation again.

  9. Zahiruddin says

    Heartiest congratulation to Akhtar Iqbal sahib on his new assignment and higher responsibilities.
    Zahir Uddin

  10. Imran says

    Wonderful. Heartiest congratulations for the accomplishment.

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