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Telenor launches service in Booni, Kuragh, Reshun

KURAGH, Oct 24: Telenor, a mobile service providing company, has made its towers in Booni and Kuragh operational giving connectivity to many localities for the first time. 

People in Kuragh bazaar were on Friday seen purchasing SIMs and saying hello to their relatives and friends. Some of the residents expressed happiness on the availability of the new telecommunication facility and thanked the company and MNA Iftikharuddin for fulfillling their long-standing demand and providing them the facility of easy connectivity.

However, a few elderly people while talking to ChitralToday also expressed the fear that the coming of the mobile service would leave a negative impact on the people, especially the youth who would misuse it.

For Kuragh areas, the Telenor tower has been installed at Drungah on the Kosht side, which covers Kuragh, Drungagh, Bumbagh, Zait, Charun-Oveer, Reshun, Muzgol, Gohkeer etc. The tower in Booni was made operational on October 23 which covers Booni and its nearby villages of Awi even up to Parwak and Mastuj.

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  1. Shujaat Ali says

    Great news, congratulation to all for this achievement, Insha Allah Telenor will work in all uper chitral area soon and we will get rid from PTCL Wireless connection. Thanks to MNA Chitral

  2. Ghayas says

    Nothing has been done by MNA, why we are giving credit to MNA?Telonor is a private company and investing to increase its business.

  3. Ali Sher Khan (Charun-Oveer), Sharjah says

    Great job salute to MNA. Now we are free from tension, well done Shahzadad Iftakhar proud of you and expected more from you, sir.

  4. Shah Karez says

    Thank you Shahzada Iftikhar and all others who raised our voice and thank you to Telenor for providing this facility. I have closed other connections for their cheating, we hope Telenor would refrain from cheating the customers in the name of various offers and thus extortioning.

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