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KP assembly resolution calls for three-day-a-week opening of Lowari tunnel

Report Manzoor Ali PESHAWAR, Oct 24: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assembly on Friday unanimously passed a resolution calling for keeping the under-construction Lowari Tunnel open for three days a week in the winter. The resolution was moved by Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) lawmaker from PF-90 Syed Sardar Hussain. Sardar Hussain told the lawmakers that as winter was approaching, his native district was set for a five-month-long blockade due to the closure of the Loweri tunnel. “The people of my district are going to be in a situation similar to caged birds during this period,” he said. assemblyHe said that the National Highway Authority (NHA) and the Korean construction company, Sambu, were not taking this issue seriously, as closure of supplies to the district for a longer period will result into a starvation like scenario. He reminded the lawmakers that prior to the creation of Pakistan, Chitralis were not living in caves; rather,  had connected to rest of the world via Boroghil and Arandu passes; however, their decision to join Pakistan has closed these routes upon them. He said that in the near past people of the district used Kunar and Nangarhar routes to reach Peshawar, besides regular daily flights to the Chitral and helicopter service; however, now there was a single flight in a fortnight. He demanded the provincial government to ask the center to keep Loweri tunnel open for three days a week, wherein for two days it shall be open for public and on third day for heavy traffic. The house unanimously passed the resolution.]]>

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