The world is too much with us


“The world is too much with us; late and soon, Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers; Little we see in Nature that is ours.” None other than the great Wordsworth could have said it beautifully or observed rightly. A truer reflection of human nature and a finer portray of today’s beings is rarely found. Men sooner or later have turned worldly. There have come moments when the only thought overwhelming them have been those of securing worldly gains and turning a worldly-wise mechanical person. Be it hoarding or alleviating the hoard to help meet personal incessant avarice; a thwarting it be or shunning, an exploitation or open hypocrisy , a lie or perjury, a cunning or malice, an ingratitude or disobedience, a grudge or partiality—all are executed but for one’s world, one’s stable stay in it. One’s own position and affairs remain so endeared as to draw veil of oblivion and injustice over others’, sometimes till the other perishes before the blind is undrawn and fairness shown. The love of the world and its engrossing and alluring sophistication has destroyed man’s power of perceiving the beauties and bounties of the mother-cum- teacher, the Nature, so echoes the spirit of the worshipper of Nature, Wordsworth. But in ‘passing by sights so touching in majesty’ with least notice, today’s mechanical products surpass their predecessors and are more dull. Even in natures (human beings) little they see and perceive, in their worldly weaving. The true and the lasting is marred in the quest of fortune; little scruple shown to win a naughty world; self is justified loudly in the face of profit; propriety lost to boldness; virtues are made sound useless. Contention maintains for power, struggle to be fit for survival. The fittest co-exist and poverty stands companionless; VIP culture is puffed, the poor is treated sardonically and his words make impression no more than rain on glass. These and such other results are reaped, for the world is too much with us. Personal interest in no corner is left unattained. Articles of personal use and other possessions are always ‘one’s own’ and are never disowned. Fine arrays and silk and even own trifles are not endured to be damaged; seen to it that they are well kept and retained always and are not abused. But relations are let to shambles; division can grow, natural bond may weaken, indifference too shown, hostility if perpetuates– little matter. These are but rarely owned to work out a resolve. Not the least possessed in such case is one’s country. The patriotic feeling against private feeling is no more than ‘a fraud… a hollow sham like love.’ If it were not so our subsequent leadership since Pakistan’s inception (save the great Quaid) would curve out a name in the indelible history of honest and altruistic leaders. If it were not their personal politics for their personal world, they foster, they would esteem the peoples’ mandate and right stream the course of their rule. It is for the worldly glories that they won’t bother setting themselves aright before the agitation against them make the bell of recognition ring in their mind, putting them in haste to prove themselves worthy of their office. Politicians, savouring the power, crave for absolute power till they are found absolute corrupt to their ignorance of it. All manipulating maneuvers and strategies are exercised for personal convenience and interest. I marvel why personal convenience always is a requisite for the politicians and for people in general? Why can’t inconveniences sometimes be happily embraced? Why parting with power is so bitter as to restrain our PM to give up the premiership, when he has amassed wealth, ample for the sustenance of a long line of his pedigree? His preference to remain ‘PM under siege’ implies his far compassionate sight for his generation and generation and generation to come. Why they can’t be even imagined to use adversity and be in discomfort like the many is again a sensible point to wonder at. But let the leading clans to their lots; let’s hope that it too will come to pass and one fine day we may witness real leadership. Turning to people in general again, they too are not without the robe of the world wrapping round them. In the ardent pursuit of embellishing their own world, things unjust are done, friends, relatives are forsaken, visits cut short, relations got toyed, impropriety shown, and deception and duplicity are adopted as the common weapon to ensure one’s purpose. World today has turned more callous, people more worldly and self-centered and at times only fine weather friends. As Shakespeare puts it “That sir which serves and seeks for gain, And follows but for form, Will pack when it begins to rain And leave thee in the storm.” Nonetheless the world is not devoid of goodness and as the saying, “I behold a time when peace shall reign over the whole world, of which it was written in the olden days that “the wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid”, one should also envision a good world of good inhabitants with whom the world would not be too much. But till then the incurable slings and arrows of this outrageous microcosm are to be but suffered and with happy pretense so as to get along. Tailpiece: And what of the political developments, the by election, the sit-ins and Qadri and Imran? Isn’t it quite long since we last heard the chant, ‘go Nawaz go’ in its new, delightful and exciting musical version?]]>

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