One Reply to “A valley where people still live in the Stone Age”

  1. I deeply congratulate to Mr G.H Farooqi for his utmost and excellent article about Wakhan (Chumarabad). Your thinking, ideas and struggle to reach that far flung and remote area and to explore their long-awaited life problems is highly appreciated. If these points expressed in the article are true and not estimated (I believe these are true), then it is vary shameful first of all for the Justice Govt in the KPK and the district administration in Chitral and particularly for the public representatives in the provincial assembly. We urge and request the DC Chitral to go to the affected area and make some decisions for the Wakhi people and change the human life. It is your job and responsibility and the basic rights of the Wakhi people not privilege, your are there for solving and look after the Chitrali people not just availing huge powers and benefits for no purpose. Any public representative is questionable for his work and responsibilities in this world and hereafter you being paid from taxpayers money,this money you have to return in the shape of services. On this occasion, we also appeal and request some reputable NGOs SRSP, AKRSP and Hashoo Foundation in Chitral to please come out and join this life saving struggle for the Wakhi people and do something before the terrible winter in a short time and do some long term planning for those areas.I also request the Member of Provincial Assembly Mr Sardar Hussain please immediately visit that areas and then make an important meeting with the relevant departments even the CM of KPK and do some long term planning for the area. It is your responsibility in politically too cause they coming under your jurisdiction and constituency. They voted for you for a change so it is the time for change and help the ruin and devastated people of Wakhan.

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