A Chitrali student's message from Chittagong

By Rakhshinda Shakir (Chittagong, Bangladesh)

Writing back to my sisters in Chitral, I am so delighted to share my decision about coming to Asian University for Women was so perfect because the western system of education in this institution is so dedicated with providing opportunities of learning to students, engage them with a number of different fruitful activities, tap on to their talents by standing side by side throughout their excursion in AUW and provides the student with a reliable residence facility.
studentI strongly recommend my sisters back in Chitral to avail the opportunity of making a difference in their life by applying to the Asian University for Women (AUW) Chittagong which is a liberal arts university.
There is no point to move to that part of the world which is not very illustrious in education perspective, might be a question roams around your mind listening of the word Chittagong, but the case is very different when it comes about Asian University. Education system in AUW reminds me of the school I attended in USA back in 2009 to 2010 winning a scholarship of youth exchange and study program when I was in grade 9. I was to represent my country to them and learn things from their country. Representing you very well I got back to Pakistan in 2011. Hence, I can see the reflection of Western Education system in AUW. Such a system which is flawless, where I can see the think win win approach, where AUW offers an educational paradigm that combines a competitive liberal arts education.
We have diversity in our university; our teachers are from USA, UK, Bangladesh, Pakistan and many other countries, students coming from 16 different countries. Half of learning is done just by interacting each other. Learning out new things from our roommates, knowing about their culture and listening to their stories back from their country and as well sharing ours with them is what makes a big difference comparing with other universities in elsewhere. I have remained an active student in szabist Islamabad but what I have learnt in two months here is honestly incomparable back to what I have lost in one year. This university has given me a sense of learning by providing me different platforms and career building opportunities. Education does not mean being a Pedant, neither does it mean to get enough knowledge ,but a process of never-ending learning you get from your surroundings and that you apply those learning’s to best shape your life and benefit as many people as you can. That is what our teachers are doing. They are dedicated to make us learn from them they are committed to make a difference in our life by making sure that we learn new things every day. That is why they engage us in different projects and assign us home works on daily basis.
Writing centre, the best place I like to go in my university that helps students with building their writing skills up. Teachers edit your paragraphs again edit and then reedit just to make sure you are on the right track. Such a smooth and friendly environment I have never came across. We are given opportunities to attend different international level conferences. Last time we had a Tele conference with World Bank against women’s violence in south Asia. Only twenty students from our university were selected and I was one of them availing this opportunity to speak to World Bank and hear to their report on violence against women. This is how we are connected to the International world. There are many more conferences like the one I shared above where inspirational people come and share stories about their success to us in our Tale Space.
The hostel what I call the “Comfort zone” is very reliable place to reside in. AUW looks after our meals scrupulously. Our management is very antagonistic to even a little compromise on food and we are provided with a healthy environment and with a health care within our campus. Hostel provides us with IT lab and library where students go and carry out their tasks that allay the burden of going to net café or finding it difficult to find a relevant book we want to study. Revealing about AUW does not mean I am defaming other universities in Pakistan but I am just showing you a better place to come which believes that education—especially higher education—provides a critical pathway to leadership development, economic progress, and social and political equality.
Education is expensive everywhere in this World and in AUW the tuition fees go like $12thousand per year. Does that mean it is only for students whose parents can afford it? No, it is for those brilliant students who are determined to fly with their potentials. When your aims are high money cannot be a hindrance in your path. While applying for undergraduate admissions in AUW what you need to do is also apply for scholarships at the same time.
I am glad to know that my parents do not have to bear my educational expenses any more. I am the only student from Chitral studying in full scholarship that covers my tuition fees, residence life and airfare tickets. I am the only student from Chitral to come to this university. We have a number of students from Gilgit and Hunza and Gahkuch, but no one from Chitral. I highly recommend student to apply and hoping to see new faces from next year I wish you best of luck with you academic careers. The choice is all yours.

For any queries and help regarding the admission forms and procedures feel free to contact me at: rakhshinda.shakir@auw.edu.bd


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  1. the tuition fees go like $12thousand per year,….. too much expesive,if any one want to have educaiton abrod ..you can have quality education in western or europien countries more cheap than AUW,

  2. Thanks for the information! Indeed thoughtful of you to share your experiences on this platform! It must benefit many!

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