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DHQ hospital creating health hazard for local community

Chitral DHQ hospital creating health hazard for local community

Blood oozing from an operation theater at the DHQ hospital Chitral
Courtesy: Pamir Times  
CHITRAL, Oct 18: Blood coming out from Operation Theater of DHQ hospital Chitral gives one goosebumps. The blood flows into a drainage channel and passes through an area where patients, their attendants and other visitors sit and talk. The same blood and contaminated water then flows to Zargarandeh area of Chitral town, mixing with the irrigation water.
The high contaminated fluid is likely to cause health problems for the community, staff, visitors patients and all other people living in the surrounding area.
Unfortunately, the hospital staff are not taking any measures to resolve this issue, creating a health hazard for the community.The contaminated blood flows in an open-air channel through an area frequented by patients, their attendants and other visitors

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  1. zia ur rehman says

    This is the problem with a nation..the collective psyche..the crudeness in our attitudes..the juvenile way of reacting to something..Mr Abdul bari has summed it up for all of us…the unprecedented attack on dr noor ul islam makes us think he might be avenging some personal prejudices against one of the most senior and respectful personality of our district.
    I just want to ask one question if I this the way to respond to an issue or to tackle an issue that is a collective responsibility??
    yes we believe that’ is a negligence on the part of the administration..but the way mr bari has criticizes the MS in specific and the rest of the doctors in general is cannot be tolerated..these kind of comments can create a general sense of bitterness and hostility between the general population and the health personnel..and the people must realize the magnitude of service DHQ has been providing for the last 20 years..and the unparalleled services the doctors have been delivering to the masses..and to ignore all that in one blink and use such foul language against a respectful community is shameful.
    instead of bombarding the administration with unnecessary critique..we would appreciate suggestions and clues to solving the issue..hold hands in fixing problems as no government institution is perfect in its administration and management..that is altogether a different issue and it can open a Pandora s box..we must leave it for now.
    and lastly a humble request to the editors to check and inspect the language of a comment for moderation before submitting it..and don’t let it be a platform for taking out personal grudges on each other.
    regards Dr Zia

    1. Abdul Bari says

      It seems most people in Chitral are not used to criticism. They always think they are some special creatures sent from above. In Chitral, a doctor is thought to be a king of the ring due to backwardness of the area and the ignorance of the people.
      To be frank, the doctor community all over the country is exploiter. In our case, however, they are also dishonest with their sacred profession and exploit the poor through their private clinics. They refuse to see the patient when somebody speaks against them. They make fun of precious human life. The photographs of the DHQ hospital’s OTs showing human blood oozing out into the open drain shows how unprofessional the doctors are in Chitral.
      Accepting the blame is not enough, dear Dr Zia. You should be a role model if you think your community and your MS is well respected. How can I respect you if human life is humiliated at your hospital?
      Most of the doctors are so hungry for publicity. They could be seen declaring themselves as the first one to be on the moon, completely ignoring others had already excelled in the same profession. This is the state of the affairs in Chitral. Call it inferiority or superiority complex but it does exist there.
      Dr Noorul Islam, who also happens to be a very good friend of mine, could have been dragged to a court of law if this had happened in a civilized country.
      I have no grudges against him at all. I came down hard on him because I never expected that a hospital that is headed by him could be this dirty. Don’t blame the editor of this online newspaper as before posting he edited out most part of my comment despite my request, as I wanted my piece to go without any moderation.
      Say my salam to the doctors of DHQ hospital Chitral and tell them to keep things in order (especially the OTs).

  2. Nadir Khan says

    I live in Karachi and was thinking of PTI’s naya Pakistan but now it is confirmed that at least in KPK’s Chitral district:”Tabdilee aa nahi rahi TABDILEE A CHUKI HAI”.

  3. Abdul Bari says

    My dear Dr. Noorul Islam, the medical superintendent DHQ Hospital, Chitral.
    We the people of Chitral must salute you for all your negligence. The way you have been sleeping inside your furnished office, ignoring your very responsibility – the cleanliness of the hospital – is enough to declare you the dirty ever doctor in the medical history.
    I have seen veterinary hospitals in far better position the way DHS is being maintained under the leadership of Dr Noorul Islam. This very MS used to look after the TB Control Programme and that’s all about cleanliness. And after seeing the poorly maintained district headquarters hospital, I am sure the increasing trend of TB was due to this doctor who does not know what is cleanliness is all about.
    I really suspect after seeing the photographs that he has never been to any medical college ever. Otherwise this would not have been the situation of his hospital OTs.
    Other doctors of the hospital are equally responsible for all this and they should be taken to task without any further show cause. The donor agencies, if there is any, should be informed about all this and they should immediately demand termination of the MS as he does not deserve to occupy such a responsible position even for a single second.
    This is an eye opener for PTI-led provincial government and its claims of improving the health facilities have been badly exposed the way this hospitals is being run by the corrupt lot of doctors. I would urge the people of Chitral to stage a protest outside the hospital and force these doctors to clean all this dirt by themselves so that no one would dare playing with the health of the people.
    One thing more, these photographs along with the story should be sent to PTI chairman Imran Khan to have a look what his government has been doing regarding health in the province. The effigy of provincial health minister should be burnt down in protest.
    And the time has come the deputy commissioner should be shown the door. He is enjoying in his sprawling DC house at Jang Bazar Chitral and does not know what is going on under his nose?
    Has he come to Chitral for enjoying the lovely weather? What these scores of additional assistant commissioners have been doing and when they will be free from posting their pictures on facebook? Is this their only job they were supposed to do after occupying the coveted slots? Shame on the district administration and its stylish babooos. Dhoob maro, is se bari maut aur kya ho sakti hei tum logon ki. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun.

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