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First Chitrali to get Royal College of Surgeons fellowship

CHITRAL, Oct 14: Dr. Zubeda Sirang is the first doctor from Chitral to get into FRCS (Fellowship Of Royal College Of Surgeons-UK) in ophthalmology. zubiDr. Zubeda Sirang, the second female student from Chitral, to graduate from the prestigious Aga Khan University is also going to be the first female eye surgeon as well as the first doctor from Chitral to gain a foreign degree of higher education in eye surgery. It is worth mentioning that this young talented doctor, after graduating from the AKU, has preferred to serve in her hometown for the last two years before starting her specialization. Her training campus will be based at the AKU with exams and final year abroad. Dr. Zubeda Sirang is daughter of great educationist, poet/writer and the area philanthropist Mr. Sher Wali Khan Aseer.-Raisa Khan]]>

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  1. Engr Fazal Rabbi says

    Great Zubi kai our prayers are with you.We really feel proud expect more hard works and deliver for Chitral in Future.

  2. Hardi Jan says

    Every Chitrali is proud of you! Congratulation

  3. Zahidullah Khan says

    Yes, we are always proud of you my little Sirang. I’d like to thank the well wishers for the kind remarks and the critics for taking out time to comment. Each of you give us the motivation to grow more. Cheers.

  4. Abdul Manaf says

    Ma respected Sir Aseer ot hardio kulumiyar mubaraki. Sir ta jami, honesty, tan students an sum sincerity ta axhelyan mokhi gi sheni with all of them being well educated, three daughters being doctors in a row and now this another record.

    1. Abdul Manaf says

      I would also like to humbly request my Chitrali brothers to be a little bit tolerant towards each other and each other’s successes. You might not like some piece of news but that doesn’t make it any lesser than correct or the person in news any lesser capable to be on the front page. Please stop making this newspaper a platform to take out your personal revenges and grudges by making hostile and negative remarks out of no reason and making not only yourself but all the Chitralis a laughing stock.

  5. Waqar Ahmed says

    Congratulation sister and congrats to meki and bechi as well. We are all proud of you.

  6. Dr. Sarah Richard says

    My dear Dr.Sirang,
    The news isn’t surprising for me because you have always been the best. I send all my good wishes for your future success, congratulations and thumbs up to your mom and dad for educating their daughter in such an ideal way and a big ‘Shabash’ to you for working in your backward home town.

  7. Asad Munir says

    @Dr. Ali Shah
    Dr Ali, I don’t think you understand the actual issue here. It is called inferiority complex. You can go through all Chitrali websites and you will see news of Dr. Sirang doing metric, FSc, MBBS and now admission in FRCS. It is as if she is the only one in Chitral studying.
    The respected Doctor herself wrote this piece (praising herself) and sent it on. Initially this report had a not-so-cool picture of her but certainly later she submitted another good picture.
    In this age it is almost impossible to be certain if I am the First to be doing anything. Another Chitrali female doctor practicing in Saudia for the last 8 years started FRCS in the same field last year. But normally people do not show off. It is an academic struggle, thousands of students from Chitral are spread all other the world doing wonders. But you won’t see everybody claiming to be the first one going to Australia for PhD, going to Norway for PhD or this and that. However, every one has the right to live and do whatever they like to do, irrespective of the facts and how awkward it might sound. (btw I am the First Chitrali who worked in a super store in Atlanta, this must be an honor, i think 🙂 )

    1. Mian Mahmood says

      Man this is an astounding accusation that you have made against Ms.Sirang. I hope you don’t mind me asking on how do you know that she is the one who actually wrote this article and then sent it in.

    2. Nisar Ahmad Shah says

      @ A. Munir:
      SAYING others ‘inferior complex’ and just claiming that some “na-maloom afraad” have already been to the Royal College is really strange. If someone is there, we are equally proud of him/her, and the respected editor is enough generous to publish the news, if you will provide him the details.
      A girl hailing from a far-flung village, after graduating from a top medical college, served her people for two years and now making her way (that too in very young age) to the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons, United Kingdom. What an inspiring news! Sincere congratulations to Dr. Zubeda Sirang!
      There is no ‘complexity’ thing at all. In fact, that is being happy and sharing the happiness. That is a message of hope & optimism. That is setting new standards (FCPS to FRCS!) for the generations to come. And yes, that is proving that we can excel in our respective fields given that we are provided the opportunity to do so. That is it.
      Coming back to you, brother: Working in a super store may or may not be an honor, but your being there in Atlanta, the birthplace of great Martin Luther King Jr surely is. Leaving behind the mountains of Hindu Kush, traversing 12,400 km air distance and safely landing in the land of opportunities—United States of America—not only showing your good luck but your competence as well. Otherwise, every year hundreds of fellow countrymen are getting drowned in the open sea while making their way to green pastures across the Europe and Australia. Have a good day!
      I do not claim to be Martin Luther King Jr, but I always dreamt for a prosperous, progressive and peaceful Chitral. When I read news about the Royal College fellowship, the PhDs and the CSS/PMS qualifiers, the little sister from Diwangol qualifying for two top medical colleges, and the student message from Chittagong, Bangladesh, I feel very near to a dream come true!
      Nisar Ahmad Shah
      Garam Chashma

      1. Khalida Tauseef says

        @Nisar Ahmad
        I cannot agree more. Yes you are right, Dr. Zubeda Sirang is the motivation and hope for the girls of her age and the generations to come.I’m doing my masters and I really appreciate how she has always been so hard working, goal oriented and determined. It gives me a positive energy that nothing is impossible if someone strives enough, it gives me a motivation to work hard and achieve my goals, and to girls of Chitral like me who want to achieve something great in their academic career. Mr. Munir (whose contradictory statements gave me some good laugh) has a very funny objection that why is she always being on Chitrali websites since matirc? Isn’t it very obvious that she is there because she is SUCCESSFUL, extraordinarily successful in a very young age, getting positions in education board to being second female student from Chitral to go to the great AKU and now FRCS. We should positively embrace her success like our own to be successful.
        Keep it up Dr. Zubi, we are always proud of you and want to follow your footsteps.

        1. Muniba Sehrish Hussain says

          No doubt, Dr. Sahiba has done an excellent job. Hats off and a big bravo. But at the same time I’d like to extend my appreciations to Mr. Nisar Ahmad Shah, who is always there with his positive approach and logical reasoning whenever the destructive minded factors of our society try to show to the world that how ugly faced we are, wherever it’s some negative thinker trying to degrade our highly educated PhDs or some complexed person trying to criticize our respectful doctors. Mr. Nisar is the true representative of a peaceful, positive, cultured and educated Chitralis. Aap jaise kuch aur log hamare mashre me ho tou hum kahan se kahan ponch jayeinn Sir. Negative thinkers ke liye my message is: ‘Wa Tuizu Man Tasha, Wa Tuzilu Man Tasha’.

          1. Nisar Ahmad Shah says

            MUNIBA, I’m humbled by your generosity. Anyway, thank you for the kind words.

  8. Zahoor ul Haq Danish says

    Brilliant achievement indeed! Heartiest congratulations to Zubeda kai, Aseer Miki and Bechi.

  9. Khush Muhammad Khan says

    I express my heartiest congratulation to Dr Zubeda for her admission to FRCS and pray that she completes this programme with brilliant success. My profound regards are also due for Aseer Sahib and Kae for encouraging Zubeda at all stages of her education process, thus enabling her to prove that “ability and success are not confined by geography”. Best if luck.

  10. Khush Muhammad Khan says

    I express my heartiest congratulation to Dr Zubeda for her admission to FRCS and pray that she completes this programme with brilliant success. My profound regards are also due for Aseer Sahib and Kae for encouraging Zubeda at all stages of her education process, thus enabling her to prove that “ability and success are not confined by geography”. Best if luck.

  11. zia ur rehman says

    It is difficult to get admission in any post graduate training programme..and to do it in ophthalmology and that too from the royal no mean achievement..way to go!
    wishing and praying for your future endeavors…regards Dr zia!

  12. Muhammad Hakim says

    I am very pleased to see this exhilarating news about our brilliant sister Dr.Zubiada unique universal success in the frcs test.Of course it is very happiest moment for all our Chitrali nation especially her own,because she is one of the greatest among the all chitrali daughters,we all proud of her this factual efficiency.
    May Allah further grant her effulgence in medical education.
    Muhammad Hakim Chitrali
    MBBS 4th year
    Luzhou Medical college
    Sicuan china.

  13. Shamim Arif says

    Dear Dr. Sirang! Heartiest congratulations.
    You are not only such a talented doctor but also a very humble human being.
    Amina, your patient, joins me in sending her love and congratulations.

  14. Dr. Zubeda Sirang says

    Alhamdulillah for His blessings, thank you Chitraltoday for sharing the news and all my friends, relatives and well wishers for the congratulatory messages.

  15. Dr Ali Shah says

    I would like to congratulate Dr. Zubeda for getting admission at the prestigious school. But at the same time I would like to clarify that Dr Zubeda could be the second doctor from Chitral as it was Dr. Abdul Qayum Khan of Khoozh, Mastuj who was the first doctor from Chitral who went to the same school at Edinburgh (UK) for his FRCS. Wish you luck Dr. Zubeda as it is a very tough school. Cheers.

    1. Dr. Zubeda Sirang says

      Thanks Dr. Ali. The news is actually about the FRCS in ophthalmology, if you go through the details 🙂

    2. Marifat Niaz, UK says

      Dr. Abdul Qayum is not an FRCS. i believe.
      And yes, congrats to Dr. Zubi and the entire family.

      1. Dr Ali Shah says

        Yes he (Dr. Qayum) isn’t an FRCS and neither is Zubaida. She has also just got admission. The Chitralis should stop awarding FRCS degree on her right away. She has just taken the initiative and the road ahead is quite bumpy. But this must be clear that Dr. Qayyum did go to Edinburgh for FRCS on a Fulbright scholarship at a time when an MBBS doctor used to be like a hero in Chitral. And now you can find MBBS doctors in every second street. The point I am trying point out here is that Chitralis are not less talented and intelligent people than others. Dr Qayum had already made it to Edinburgh for his FRCS. After completing his FRCS part I, he discontinued it so call it his bad luck and whatever but don’t discredit him.

        1. Marifat Niaz says

          No body is trying to discredit anyone, except for you yourself jo hazar saal purani baatein leke apna dil khush karne kee koshish ker rehe ho. Try to live in the present my brother, i can totally understand the level of jealousy you are feeling, right now. lol

          1. Dr Ali Shah says

            Yes I am jealous because I have done FRCS in Pediatric Surgery. I am jealous because Dr Qayum is the man who taught me Anatomy when he was teaching at Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad. Yes I am jealous because he is the man who helped me in becoming a doctor. Today and even after a 100 years I will owe all these achievements in my life to him. Awa kkya rem ma garba kya reran. I never meant to hurt anybody but wanted to set the record straight. maloom nehi Chitrali her waqat tera kyon sochte hen? Be bright and never try to look down on in people who really deserve respect and Dr Qayum is of them as I know him from AMC days back in late 80s.

  16. Zahiruddin says

    Heartiest congratulations To Dr. Zubaida Sirang, her entire family and the whole area.

  17. Zahiruddin says

    Heartiest congratulations To Dr. Zubaida Sirang, her entire family and the whole area. Proud of you

  18. Shams Perwaiz says

    Dr.Zubeda ! we all are really proud of you ! wish u all the best in future and May Allah accomplish your all objectives & Goals ! Also Congratz to my buddy Sahib Karim Khan ! Love you all

  19. Shams Ali Baig says

    Congratulations to Dr. Zubeda, Sher Wali Khan Aseer Sab and the entire family! Indeed, Chitral is fortunate enough having you and many other talented daughters. Best of luck for your brilliant professional career ahead!
    Shams Ali Baig
    Zhejiang University China

  20. Habib ur rehman lal says

    congrates for your great success,hoped you will be shinning star on heaven of ignorance

  21. زین الملوک says

    یقیناً بہت بڑھیا خبر نہ صرف ڈاکٹر زُبیدہ اور اُن کے خاندان کے لئے بلکہ پُورے چترال کے لئے۔ یہ تو صرف شروعات ہیں ، میں تو یہ کہوں گا ، ” ستاروں سے آگے جہاں اور بھی ہیں”۔
    زُوبی کائے ! بو بو بمبارک بائے ۔ خدائے خُور دی بو امبوخ کامیابی نصیب کورار ، آمین۔
    خیر اندیش
    زین الملوک
    حال گلگت

  22. Jamil says


  23. Tariqullah Khan says

    A well deserved achievement, congratulations to Dr Zubeda and all, great expectations and inshaAllah she will keep it up like always!

  24. Basharat Ali Khan, London says

    Behal Ma xur Ma clg o prusta tan hs shr awa LSBF a asum

  25. Adnan Zainul Abideen says

    Dr Zubeda Sirang,brilliant achievement, congratulations to the entire family and the community of Chitral as a whole.

  26. Zahiruddin, President, Chitral Press Club says

    Really a matter of pride for all of us, the Chitralis. keep it up!

  27. Shah Karez says

    I pray for yet higher levels of achievement for you daughter Zubeda, keep it up, we are proud of you.

  28. Mohammad Afzal says

    Great achievement in early age, well done Dr. Zubaida. I must congratulate to Dr. Zubaida and entire her family members, especially to Sher Wali Khan Aseer sahib and dear Zahid as well. We are proud of you and wish for more, more and more success in life, good health, long life and back to Chitral after completion of higher studies to serve the people of Chitral….Best of Luck…

  29. Shahzada Idrees Hayat says

    Congratulations Doctor! Wish you all the best. Chitral is proud of its brave daughters. I would also like to congratulate her family especially her father and known educationist Mr.Sher Wali Khan Aseer.

  30. Raisa Khan Sirang says

    Keep it up, behna. Among few of you records, I can remember passing your matriculation exam at the young age of 14 and inter at the age of 16,getting position in Mardan board.

  31. Sikander Haider says

    Woww. Great achievements. doctor sahiba.
    The whole Chitral is proud of you.

    1. ishtiaq says

      heartiest congrats Madam……… All d best

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