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Closure of Western Union desk in Booni

For over three months due to lack of competent staff, the Western Union service has stopped working there, creating lots of issues for people living outside the valley of Chitral. So through, I would like to request the concerned department to take notice of the issue and depute staff to run the facility of money transfer. Kashi (Islamabad)]]>

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  1. Ahmad Khan says

    Agreed with Kashi, but NBP Chitral Branch also reflect worst example of banking in the area. It is unfortunate that the only client of NBP Chitral Branch are government employees and they are experiencing extreme difficulty in getting their monthly salary due to worst performance of bank employee and their persistent rude behavior with their clients. State Bank governor is requested to take action and direct NBP’s President for posting of such bankers in NBP Chitral who realize the importance of client and the skill of behaving with clients or existing staff should be provided with training that how to behave with their client. . Existing NBP Chitral staff are behaving their client not like bankers but like Patvariees.

  2. ALI Kuwait says

    Agree with kashi, we have seen one of the worst banking system in this Branch of the NBP. The only beneficiary of this branch are the relatives of the employees of NBP, otherwise you have to wait for long hours in a queue for nothing, when you get your turn the employee sitting at the desk will greet you with a very bad words ( The Machine is Not Working). It is very unfortunate that the machine is not working since April of this year. I request the high ups of NBP to look into this matter along with the behavior of your staff at this particular branch.

  3. Zahir ALi Shah says

    Here I do agree with Mr. Kashi that this service is very beneficial for resident of the area as their relatives living in down country or abroad for earning can send money through this service and the recipient can visit the nearest NBP branch to collection the remittance. If this service will not be available in Booni the residents would be visiting proper Chitral to collect the remittance by cutting the travel of 75 KM each side. In winter season due to harsh weather road become very risky The situation of rush of people in NBP Chitral branch is not hidden from any one eyes especially during Ist week of each month.
    Zahir Ali Shah

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