EDO (female) violates policy on posting of teachers

CHITRAL, Oct 4: District Education Officer (female) Zohra Jalal has allegedly violated the official policy in postings of primary schoolteachers (PSTs) in Chitral. A source in the education department told this correspondent that under the policy the PSTs had been categorized on the basis of grade as PST (grade-12), senior PST (grade-14) and head teacher (grade-15). He said instead of one head teacher, two or more head teachers had been posted in most of the girls primary schools in the town in violation of the policy. The source said at the government girls primary school, Muldeh, four head teachers were working against one such post while the primary schools in remote areas had been without head teachers since long. When contacted, DEO Zohra Jalal said she had taken the decision after bringing the matter into the notice of the director education. However, she had no answer when asked about the absence of two teachers since 2009, who were recently sacked from service on the recommendation of the independent monitoring unit (IMU).–Zahiruddin Also read here: https://www.chitraltoday.net/2014/10/02/two-teachers-sacked-for-prolonged-absenteesm/#sthash.A8Fh0xRZ.dpbs]]>

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  1. It is bit surprising that Government of KPK notified that teachers should be posted at the nearest station but our respected EDO (female) is trespassing the rules. After promotion, male section of education department posted the promoted teachers to other areas whereas EDO female did not carry out posting but now she is adopting policy of surplus for selective posting only to create room for adjustment of her blue-eyed teachers and punish white collar people in Chitral. All parents, teachers and students are requested to not accept her decision and emphasize provincial Government to withhold this decisions. For development of public sector education, she should be replaced with a professional who have knowledge of education and policy and procedure.

  2. Disciplinary action must be taken against her to neglect the absence of 2 teachers from 2009. while she was visiting the school regularly. Such type of laxity is not possible without the unlawful support and involvement of the said DEO.Now the Independent Monitoring Unit traces out the long absence.

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