Tajuddin of Torkhow completes PhD from AKU-IED

KARACHI, Oct 3: Tajuddin Sharar of Shagram,Torkhow, defended his PhD thesis at the Aga Khan University-Institute for Educational Development (AKU-IED) Karachi. The program was attended by scholars of high repute, teachers and students of AKU-IED.

It is worth mentioning that a panel of five scholars namely Dr. Steven Shane Jordan McGill University Montreal, Dr. Sourayan Mookerjea university of Alberta, Professor Dr. Abdul Hamid, University of Management and Technology Lahore, Dr. Sajid Ali, coordinator PhD Program AKU-IED, and Dr. Ayesha Bashiruddin AKU-IED were the examiners on the occasion.

Mr. Tajuddin completed his study under the scholastic supervision of Professor Dr. Muhammad Memon AKU-IED, professor Dr. Alkarim Dattoo IIS London and Professor Dr. Deep Kapoor of the University of Alberta, Canada, in the area of “Curriculum Response to Global Education for Developing Students’ Global Perspectives”.

Doctoral Defense of Mr. Tajuddin was divided in to two sections: in public and in camera. In the first session the researcher presented his work in exquisitely graceful manner within the specified 30 minutes followed by half an hour scarier and scarier Question Answer session. Mr. Sharar scholarly handledall the questions, posed by student as well as the learned scholars of AKU-IED, and got thumbs up every time. “His replies”, opined by one of the participant, “were faster than a speeding bullet”.

It is noteworthy to mention that Dr. Steven Shane Jordan of McGill University, Montreal proudly said that the thesis of Mr. Sharar is amongst the top-10 of McGill’s doctoral thesis. As a result Tajuddin was given “Straight Pass” by the examiners while official announcement will be made on Monday.

After doing his masters in political science from the University of Peshawar, Mr. Tajuddin Sharar remained connected with teaching and also served as school leader in private education sector. He later did his MEd from AKU-IED and rendered services there in PDC Chitral. In 2009, he was selected for the adorable and adventurous task of PhD Program at AKU-IED, from where he comes victorious yesterday October 2, 2014.–Noor Shamsudddin Shams

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  1. We should go for productive subjects to do research that could bring dividends to Chitral. One such topic would be the ‘scorpion’ (Jingogh). We consider it as the biggest troublesome insect and the idea is get it killed before it takes you on. I have now learnt that a single black scorpion can fetch you around 50,000 US dollars. So why instead of wasting our time on Afghanistan, Kashmir or anything else, we should do a PhD on this too.

  2. Dear Abdul Bari,
    I do not agree with what you say but you should be given credit for being enough ‘bold’ to challenge the PhDs! However, to validate your comment would you please explain the difference between a genuine PhD and the otherwise? For your convenience, here is a short/selective list;
    i. Dr. Inayatullah Faizi, Balim, Laspur (1992), University of Peshawar:
    Geo-Political Significance of Southern Passes of the Wakhan Corridor.
    ii. Dr. Mir Kalan Shah, Khot, Torkho (1994), University of East Anglia, Norwich, England: “Measurement of Inefficiency in Pakistan Agriculture: An Empirical Investigation.”
    iii. Dr. Tariqullah Khan, Morder (1996) Loughborough University, UK:
    “Isamic Economics; Finance: An analysis of risk sharing in Islamic finance with reference to Pakistan.”
    iv. Dr. Mir Baiz Khan, Mogh, Lotkoh (1997) University of Toronto, Canada; “Education Administration” (could not find the dissertation topic).
    v. Dr. Tameez Ahmad, Mastuj (1997): UK, “Civil Engineering’ (could not find info about dissertation and the institution).
    vi. Dr. Mir Afzal Tajik, Arkari, Lotkoh (2004), University of Toronto, Canada: ‘From Educational Reformers to Community Developers: The Changing Role of Field Education Officers.”
    vii. Dr. Ismail Wali, Mastuj (2009) University of Peshawar: “A Midsummer Nights Dream.”
    viii. Dr. Hamida Bibi, Sarghuz, Mastuj (2011) University of York, UK: “Water quality and its impact/Soil fertility.”
    ix. Dr. Arifullah, Arandu, (2012) University of Peshawar: “Islamic Studies” (could not find the thesis topic).
    Moreover, for you research on the topics — Birmoghlast, poaching of Markhor, Sunni-Ismaili sectarian issue, and the pre/post election financial status and the performances of ex and incumbent MPAs/MNAs is useless rather ‘third class topics’. However, in reality these have great importance to understand the different aspects of the historical/cultural/economic, environmental, religious, and political challenges. And the findings after deeply digging up these topics will help not only fixing the prevailing issues but to take an informed decision in the future as well.
    For example, how can we make Birmoghlast a hot tourist spot? Why a small section of the society is still adamant to keep the town in darkness rather to get lighted through a “controversial” organization? The corruptions in the projects: The Booni-Mastuj roads, Golen Gol water supply, Abdul Wali Khan bypass road, and the helplessness of the elected representatives thereon. The always “in progress” condition of Garam Chashma road (even electing a minister, MPA from the same town in two consecutive terms). The factors which helped increasing the population of Markhors in Chitral and how to keep away the poachers from killing the endangered species. Don’t you think these are important topics to research on?
    Lastly, not to irritate you dear Bari, but I heartily congratulate Dr. Shahida Aman and Dr.Tajuddin on their brilliant achievement — for earning a PhD!
    Having said that, I am wondering we had the first PhD in 1992. Twenty-two years later, there are almost 18 PhDs, excluding the others in the making. Is there any correlation between the number of PhDs we produced so far and the pace of development in Chitral? If yes, how? If no, why?
    Nisar Ahmad Shah
    Garam Chashma

    1. My dear Nisar Ahmed Shah the great, not bad, liked the way you wrote. But jumping in the air, saying sky is the limit, the answers came at F-16 speed and some might say at Ghori missile speed and the examiner fainted seeing the gentleman from Chitral responding to questions like “thuweko wishuo ghona (gun’s bullet).
      So what if a man acquires a PhD degree by doing research on a topic on which local councilors are thought to be experts. I give you in writing that except Dr Inayatullah Faizi, not a single PhD is capable enough to do justice with his/her PhD degree or doing any substantial work for Chitral. It has become joke I tell you. Goras are the most naive people who do not know how these PhD walas befool them through such topics and steal PhD degrees. I would repeat that out of these over 18 PhDs, except Dr Faizi and Dr Tameez, not a single one deserves to be a PhD doctor. If I were the examiner I would have rejected their topic straightway. Yes Ismail Wali is a big man and he deserves it and he did it when he was about to retire after 30 years’ government service. He thoroughly did research for several years on the topic. But with due apology rest of the friends, majority of them are very well-known to me, do not deserve a PhD degree at any cost. This is 110 percent fraud and the white policeman of the world (goras) and some pashtoon university ‘professors’ must not make the PhD degree a joke. For becoming a PhD you need research – a through research – like Dr Ismail Wali did it after several years of hard work. Garam Chasma had a bumper crop of potato and tomorrow some NGO wala having a degree in Persian, Islamiat, Urdu or any such subject will jump pretending to do research on this and he will be awarded a PhD. I am sorry my dear Nisar, this is not acceptable and we do not need such PhDs at least. Mertei mertei tum nei FSc kiya, did masters after great hardship. started teaching a taath school, then after passage of sometimes fakhr-e-Chitral ban ker PhD degree lei ker nazil ho gayei sahib bahadur dadi amman k sath, yeh konsa PhD hei, tum hi batao merei dost, mei ager gila Karun to shikayat hogi?

      1. MY grandma (May Allah blesses her soul in peace), once told me a story (in Khowar, of course). E karutu waw phar duri mashqulgioten bokhdu berai. E drbat acha geti rardu ki ae zhan mashqul wa mashqul hotama armano chenitam. Th ewalu ka bashar ganiru ki ae ma sherin wawi kya mashqulgi aru? Karutu wawi rardu brai ki : “ae ma sheli xhan th kya e lu d kya ma kara praya ki re!”
        To understand the situation of the poor “karutu wawi” just read the lines in verbatim:
        a). “The only PhD in Chitral who we can call a true scholar and PhD is Dr Tameez Ahmed of Mastuj”
        b). “ I give you in writing that except Dr Inayatullah Faizi, not a single PhD is capable enough to do justice with his/her PhD”
        c). “I would repeat that out of these over 18 PhDs, except Dr Faizi and Dr Tameez, not a single one deserves to be a PhD doctor.”
        d).“Yes, Ismail Wali is a big man and he deserves it (the PhD degree).”
        Aap hi apni adaon pe zara ghour karen.-:)
        To form a balanced opinion, the differences of ideas/opinion should be encouraged and respected. Therefore, your presence with counter narrative is very important, Bari sahib. However, a fruitful debate can only take place if the arguments/counter-arguments are equipped with logical points rather than self-contradictory statements.
        Doing a PhD is not an easy job, indeed. And the assessment of the degree is better left to the HEC/degree awarding institutions. Having said that, I think there is no wrong to debate on the social responsibilities/contributions of the cross section of the people (foremost the PhDs) towards the society. Period!
        Nisar Ahmad Shah
        Garam Chashma

  3. Dear Tajuddin Sharar,
    It is indeed joyful occasion listing about your success in Ph.D from the reputed organization (AKU-IED). Lots of congratulation to you and your family.

  4. Congratulation Dr.Taj
    I do expect that you will extend your services for the development of education in Chitral. All Chitralis appreciate your hard work, courage, devotion and dedication. We are proud of you. You lonely has suffered for this degree and the beneficiary is the entire humanity. If we not go even with a broader spectrum you are here in Chitral with Dr. Faizi, Dr. Tariq, Dr. Tajik, Dr. Tamiz, Dr. Ismail and many more at the zenith or on the way. All these aforementioned personalities have always been sources of inspiration for the youth of Chitral and their research work is internationally as well as nationally accredited and, their services are valued. You will really enjoy and contribute with this team.

  5. Honestly speaking the PhD has become quite a fashion. Wherever we look there is a PhD having interesting thesis such as Mehtare Chitral His Highness so and so, curriculum development, life of Benazir Bhutto (the PhD thesis of Jehangir Bader of PPP), etc. The answers came like a bullet? Isn’t this talking in the classroom to encourage a sharp guy? The level needs to be improved otherwise the level of PhD will like hiving no job after doing masters. The only PhD in Chitral who we can be called a true scholar and PhD is Dr Tameez Ahmed of Mastuj and with due apology to all other PhDs, I am not impressed and pls do not mind if people hesitate to call u Dr sahib. Anyhow, a golden post awaits Tajuddin after Afzal Tajik made it to Karachi without doing anything on the ground to improve the education system in a backward district like Chitral. I would encourage rest of the guys having masters degrees to go for PhDs by choosing any third class topic like Birmoghlast, Poaching of Markhor, Sunni-Ismaili sectarian issue and even one can also opt to do PhD on the life of Salim Khan, former provincial minister, as how he became rich overnight. Ghulam Muhammad is not a bad option either while Sardar Hussain himself is a PhD. And MNA Iftikharuddin can surely get a PhD degree as he can choose the topic about popularity of Musharraf and the step-motherly treatment by Nawaz Sharif towards Chitralis, while Gul Jee must start his thesis about overseas Pakistanis that how many of them are running taxis there and acting like as they run businesses upon their return home. PhD, PhD, PhD, PhD, PhD, PhD…honestly, this really irritates me. Anyhow, congratulations Chitrali PhDs, we are proud of you this is what we all have to say despite knowing who is called a PhD, a true scholar, a genius, etc.

    1. @Abdul Bari: Shows your mentality and grapes are sour for your. If you have been unable to get a bachelor’s degree let alone a PhD you should not ridicule the scholars who have achieved the distinction after hard toiling in very difficult circumstances. All PhDs from Chitral are of high caliber and do not need a certification from you. If Malala from Swat can win a Nobel the Chitrali PhDs are also capable of winning one such international award. My suggestion to you is go and do a PhD on your own self that how worthy you are for your own self, not for the people of Chitral so that we all can call you Prof Dr Allama Abdul Bari saab, your majesty.

    2. waw what a comment… thanx Abdul Bari sahib… a philosopher says that even i don’t agree with you but i must defend your right to speak…. you have the right to critic or critique… in certain points like working on the education system of Pakistan i do agree with you yet want to give my opinion on some others…. first of all you have mistaken the meaning and importance as well as objectives of dissertation in PhD… you need to study the program…. secondly your criticism on scholars moving do Karachi has certain hidden meanings and implications showing another side of the coin no comment on that side yet do request you to meet Tajik once and you will get what PhD is and what he is doing… secondly you are criticism on Tjik taking the cause of Chitral while appreciating Dr Tamiz is self contradictory. i value the degree of Tamiz as well but when you make service of chitral a standard how you gives credit to Dr Tamiz sahib. i want to make the point clear that i have no malice towards any one of them and Dr Tamiz is my family member yet service to chitral if made standard he (Tamiz) has no specific preference over the others. why you have said this i really don’t know. Besides i value you chauvinism towards Chitral nevertheless i do say that loyalty to larger group is more important than the smaller one as subordination of the interests of a smaller group to the larger is essential for progress. so we must believe that Dr Tajik is serving at national level or to the larger group which will automatically bring fruits to to the smaller groups (regions/localities/districts) and Dr Tamiz to more larger group (internationally).so the services of them will make desirable result for chitral as well but in long run. And lastly sir even if PhD is a fashion this is the most in fashion of to days world… so chill on having this fashion….. salute to all PhDs of my Chitral ….. tum jito ya haroo hamin tum sai piaar hai… if this song can be dedicated to Miabahul haq. Asif, Amir and Salman but why not to u,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      1. Shamsi Sir.
        Be cool and enjoy diversified opinions. Today I trace that You have also a plan to do Ph.D. Am I right?

  6. Many many congratulations, dear Dr Tajuddin Sharar for a magnificent achievement, indeed it time of pleasure for all of us. Congratulations once again.

  7. Respected All,
    Thank you all for your felicitation and encouragemnt. The comments and observations from respectable people like are another source of success and honour for me. I have no words to express my gratitude for you all. Thank you very much and Stay Blessed!

  8. Heartiest congratulations to Dr Tajuddin sahib, his family, friends and entire Chitral for this tremendous job.

  9. CONGRATULATIONS Dr. Sab for the successful defense of your PhD dissertation! It’s indeed very encouraging for every Chitrali that in recent years the numbers of PhDs graduates from our motherland are increased enormously. If I am not wrong, the recent education department statistics revealed that District Chitral ranked in the third position in terms of literacy rate within KPK. We all wish that it may also produce enough PhD scholars in the coming days. Thus, we do hope that you and the other scholars contribute their due shares to make District Chitral with high number of PhDs.

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