Before leaving PTI, I must meet Imran Khan

I have a been a PTI Voter and online supporter. This summer I went to Chitral, my hometown. I made research there and found much embezzlement in government and UN funds. letterI met the PTI district management. They submitted a list of corrupt contractors having political backing from different parties.They asked me to highlight the case. Mr. Nazir Ahmad, President of PTI in Garam Chashma, and Mr. Abdul Latif told me that PTI is a junoon. We are the change. I started working as Vice President. I met the head of Anti Corruption Unit in Chitral. He told me that investigation in the mentioned cases was going on. So no worries. I came back to Islamabad. Here I was running a Facebook Page of MPA Fauzia Bibi. I posted a list of under-investigation cases to The MPA sahiba and also notified the MNA Chitral and deputy commissioner Chitral and media as well about the list. After an hour, I received a threatening call from a local political leader’s son that they will hurt my family If I did not remove the post. Now just half hour back, I received a call from MPA sahiba who also asked me to remove the list. I regretted that PTI is the Junnon against corruption so I can’t. And just 10 minutes later I saw MPA sahiba removed those posts from her page by herself Very Sad! So this the system. My question to our most respected and ideological leader Imran Khan (official) is this the change. PTI being in the KP government is same as PPP, ANP or the others. Khairuddin Shadani]]>

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  1. Thank you , Dear Brother please help me out by reporting corruption in Chitral. I am grateful for your support. After all this is the responsibility of us all. So, lets do it. I will come up with more revelations. Please note my email to report corruption in Chitral. I can be be reached at 03455040925 as well. Regards

  2. Dear Khair uddin, I appreciate your resolve to fight against corruption in Chitral. I am following your facebook posts about the issue in focus. It is really appreciable that you are working against corruption without hoping for any political office or hierarchy. Whether you continue with PTI or any other political party is not important, what is important is your efforts to create awareness amongst the people against corruption.
    PTI has not been much successful in Chitral in implementing its rosy slogans against corruption. The Booni-Torkhow road construction is a bright example of this failure. Though the road project started in the tenure of the previous government, the PTI has done nothing to bring to justice those responsible for the corruption and funds embezzlement, which let the project towards failure.
    Though I appreciate Imran Khan’s demonstrations for transparent voting system, however, it would have been much better if IK first brings transparency in his own province, brings to justice those responsible for corruption and then moves to eradicate corruption from federal and other provincial governments.

  3. Dear Brother Khair Ud Din, You are real Jununi and PTI needs committed and people with perseverance which you posses. I suggest you keep this struggle and Insha Allah we will change this corrupt system.

  4. Dear Khair uddin
    Don not loss temper continue your struggle against the corrupt elements. Convey it to PTI chief and CM KPK also. We are also with you in eradicating these corrupt faces. We have not seen any visible change in KPK till now. We badly condemn our MPA Fauzia, s unlawful and immoral approach. Being an MPA of PTI and acting so……….?

  5. It is really a great achievement to call a spade a spade. The reality is that PTI is equally corrupt and my brother Khairuddin should have known the reality of this corruption group when its district president Abdul Latif was fined forty million rupees for green cutting of forest.

  6. Dear
    we salute you for this valuable work but don’t be hurt . You are the part of JONON and never accept defeat. Carry on and send all those information on IK and CM kpk official site.

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