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Enrollment drive launched in Shishikoh valley

CHITRAL, Sept 20: Upon the instructions of provincial ministry of education and the district education department Chitral, a team of educationists carried out an enrollment campaign in Shishikoh valley of Chitral. The head of the team, Ghulam Haider, headmaster GHS Madaklasht talking to ChitralToday said that the people of Shishikoh valley were keen to educate their children but owing to the lack of educational facilities they could not materialize their dreams. Mr. Ghulam Haider said, “there is primary school for boys in Kalas village and adjoining villages of Kawash and Kotic are situated 13 kms away from Kalas and there are only three high schools in the entire valley, comprising dozens of scattered hamlets. The nearest village to GHS Madaklasht and Birganisar is situated at a distance of 25 kms”. Mr. Ghulam added the condition of girls education was even pathetic . There was not a single high school for girls in the entire valley except AKESP run girls high school in Madaklasht village. Consequently, the conservative people of the area are not ready to send their daughters to boys’ schools and the ratio of girls education is very low in the area. Mr. Ghulam Haider on behalf of the people of area requested Chief Minister Pervaiz Khatak , education minister Atif Khan and MNA Iftikharuddin Uddin to open new schools, especially for girls, in the Shishikoh valley, so that the dream of PTI government about educated Khyber Pakhtunkhwa can be materialized.]]>

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