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Bad norms killed a wise entrepreneur

By Wahab Saba It’s a real but outrageous incident ensued in Chitral, which is a very lovely and eye-catching district of KPK, where “Bad norms” killed a wise entrepreneur. A man, if he was born in any western country like Australia/USA, would be the owner of any multinational company like KFC and McDonald’s, because of his distinctive and inventive business plan. As we know that the western people have taken their own uniqueness and traditions with a pride in their work and hence they reached the international market and have levied the effect of their own products on us and even make us hooked to their products. They are skillful and capable people and they know how to make efficiency by loving their work with commitment and dedication. We should respect their talent in this aspect. Nowadays more than 50% of our youth are eager  about eating foreign fast food like Italian steaks, Italian Pizza, McDonalds etc. Here a question arises! Why? The answer is, it’s their marketing tricks  which compelled us towards their foodstuffs and of course of their quality as well, which will be inevitably better once you reached international market. That is why I feel pity for that wise entrepreneur who was born in such environment where there were senses less and feeling less folks who were not ready to accept a response to change and were hundred percent responsible for the death of an entrepreneur. When provisions of life increases with the rapid changes of the modern era the situation will force you to take action against the circumstances in order to endure, and to strive with this numbness realm, and it doubles when you are the only answerable person for your whole family. Same was the case with that wise entrepreneur who was fleeting through such similar state. He didn’t get any Master degree in business administration nor he was groomed by different updated platforms, He was just a retired soldier of Chitral scouts, but he was artistic and was able to implement his ideas practically which shows him distinctive amongst the folk which is the most important characteristic of inventive people. Creative and energetic peoples don’t like the relentless spot at all and can’t wait for the right time they just simply grabbed the time and make it appropriate. The wise retired soldier started a unique business. The business which he started was little bit electrifying and shocking because there he was the only supplier and there was no opponent in that particular business. He took step with full enthusiasm and commitment. He started to gather the resources required for the project. As he was living on a distance of 4 hours from the main town Chitral so he thought to make his project prepared in his home and then take it to Chitral town, which was a viable area in his point of view, and he already knew about the massive demand of the foodstuff which he was going to prepare. Ironically there was no any contender in the market he was the only dealer. He tried to introduce a Chitrali traditional food which is called SHOSHP in local language in to the market for the first time in the history of Chitral and was trying to introduce a new business in the market with the hope that people will love the idea and the food, and as he knew that Chitral is a tourist spot so people coming from different region of Pakistan and even foreigner’s will love that food, he also tried that he could also be an example and give a break for so many others to come up with the marketing tactics and show the rest of the world that how much appetizing food are prepared by the people of Chitral which are not yet discovered by the rest of the world. He tried to give a gesture that if such items be discovered and brought to the market then they can make a massive demand in the market and create allot of earning opportunities for the people of Chitral. The above mentioned Chitrali traditional food SHOSHP is a very famed diet in Chitral and is adored by every age group, as the people of Chitral love to eat Shoshp. The local people while visiting their relatives take Shoshp hence making it as their source of happiness. This all shows the reputation of this food stuff amongst Chitrali folks. The idea which clicked his minds was matchless this is why I call him a wise entrepreneur. That person finally prepared the food and he made it in calculated quantity for the whole day and displayed it in a small classic shop in the commercial area. Flow of the customer started with the passage of time, the customers were fleeting and the entrepreneur was pleased and encouraged to see that his idea has clicked. Although he prepared the food for the whole day but due to massive turnover of the customer it was ended at round about 2 pm. He planned to double the quantity for the next day. Everything was going in accordance to the plan and he and his family were delighted to see their business going efficacious. Unfortunately in every story there is always a scoundrel, and in the story of this wise entrepreneur there was also a villain and it was the bad norms of this region, the low mentality of the people who themselves do nothing but they are always there to daunt such people and making impediments in their way and celebrating their failure. They just take others disasters as a cradle of encouragement for them. Same thing happened to that entrepreneur the people started to make fun of him by calling Shoshp. He was teased in the market, in his village, in the way everywhere these pathetic people were chasing him and were following him by calling with different vain names. They even bothered the people of his village and his family and even his relatives, by calling with different doleful names. His villagers were also unpleased with him that it was he due to which they were facing disrespect in the society. People were laughing, enjoying and celebrating while calling him with these tragic names but no one thought about him that it was the Shoshp business which was the source of all his family needs and it was the only source which is feeding his family and giving him a chance to earn money in order to meet with the endless requirements of daily needs. He thought this idea would give fame to this region and the people eating this food stuff outside from Chitral will love their tradition. Unfortunately no one was able to judge the logic so he got fed up of the imprudent folks; he was thinking why God give him a birth amongst such typical and irritating people. At last he was compelled to say good bye to his prosperous running business and was forced to remain in his home just like others. Hence his story comes to an end. Bad norms killed a wise entrepreneur and it will beat so many others dreams and career. In such environment, dreams are bigger but not bigger than what people will say about them? The question remain in our mind that when our low and typical mentality will devour? When we will become practical and will come out of this weird circle? When we will stop discouraging people? When will we feel it hurts to criticize someone career and ideas? It is very easy to thrash and to spoil someone but we should keep in mind that it takes decades to make someone career no matter he is a small village shopkeeper or is an international entrepreneur.  ]]>

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  1. Dr. Khalil says

    Initially it happens in many businesses. I think the said person had no courage to ignore a few fools. A shop in Ataliq bazar sales CHAMBOROGH for many years, till 2011 when i visited chitral it was existing. Similarly a young man was trained from chitral town in poultry farming, he started farming at very small scale , now he is supplying eggs and chicken to whole chitral market. A restaurant on the way to Drosh, sales JUWARAYEE TIKI for years. On hospital road a chai shop sales SHISHAR for years. There were people in Chitral bazar making and selling wooden Kipini, Tulani Toonj etc. Similar mentality is not only in Chitral it exists every where in Pakistan…..

    1. Wahab Saba says

      Very well said Dr. Khalil, I don’t mean that it only exist in Chitral but here I was specific regarding above mentioned incident. As it will be in your knowledge even I have heard many times someone telling the story in sense of humor about above incident. Else rest of them are doing great job they should be facilitated and should bring their stuffs to commercial market. What will be the benefit if they remain stuck in local market? If we are introducing our own identity we should be aware of its commercial benefits as well.

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