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Pir Karam gets rousing welcome at Kuragh

KURAGH, Aug 22: Governor Galgit-Baltistan Pir Syed Karam Ali Shah was warmly welcomed by the people of Kuragh on Friday. pir copyPir Karam has a large number of Murids (devotees) in Kuragh and adjoining areas. MPA Sardar Hussain was also with the governor. Tight security measures were taken in Kuragh during the visit of the guest. He was served with local dishes like Ghalmandi and Shirgring milk pudding, at the resident of Gul Dada, whose father was one of his loyal followers. Emotional scenes were also seen on the occasion among the devotees. Speaking on the occasion, the governor eulogized the hospitality of the people of Chitral and said that due to this great customs the area was also called Kohistan. He further said that “I am first Chitrali and then Gilgiti. Without any religious differences we should live in brotherhood and work for the betterment of the area he emphasized. At last, he prayed for the prosperity of the region.]]>

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  1. Imad uddin says

    Sardar Hussain saib we have a lot of expectation from you. Do not waste your time in useless activities.Pir can’t do anything for us, all that is over now. He is a titular Governor of GB.

  2. Hameed Sangal says

    Ju piran khyotay rhuphiasuni wa milav di mitaro sum bonyan.. filhal hami saf kya hisaba niki gilgito governeri di katputli wa metar sb di powerless aur sardar hussain we hukomato MPA.. hetan sar kya tawaqu kosi Chitraro Awam

  3. Afrasiyab Khan says

    Pir Sb is a respectable man but not a Chitrali. This statement may be on advice of Sardar Hussain Sb, instead of doing something the MPA is doing photo session with every high official coming to Chitral.. get a life Sardar Hussain we were expecting much better things from you.

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