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Imran Khan and his Azadi March

Imran Khan wants to be a hero but unfortunately he has, for most of the time, failed because of circumstances and his own lack of leadership qualities. He launched a march having no aims and results in mind. He thought that he will bring a revolution with the help of his mummy-daddy supporters. When we see PTI, it seems that the people, especially youth, just want to enjoy the beauties and bounties of Islamabad and so many other things. Imran-Khan10We can’t doubt in the intentions of Imran Khan but the people and the leadership lack the ethics and morals because he has been surrounded by black sheep, either in the form of corrupt leadership or ignorant people who don’t know what the ground realities are? Sometimes it seems Imran Khan wants to be the superman in the history and politics of Pakistan, which indicates his lack of honesty. If he were honest and loyal, he would have supported Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri before and now, but unfortunately he doesn’t learn from the past. When we come to the so-called revolution, we think what kind of revolution it would be? Would it be revolutions like France, Iran or Russia or it would be just a chaos which has been the destiny of Pakistan for the last sixty eight years—where people like Gullu Butt became heroes, and we see destruction everywhere—in the name of revolution. In revolutions people suffer, they sacrifice, die due to cold and hunger, they fight against aggression, live in mountains for several weeks without food. What kind of revolution it is, where, the leaders live in farm houses during the “revolution” and the mango people are told that we will continue our march tomorrow, so now let’s take rest. What kind of revolution it is where people take rest and the leader tells them we will meet tomorrow. What kind of revolution it is where “peer” (the leader) hasn’t addressed his people—the revolutionists. What is all this? Are they making us fool or are they themselves fool? Should we be believe in them or should we avoid using words like “REVOLUTIONS” or follow them and their revolutionary theories blindly? The writer is student at the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI).]]>

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