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Pakistan Movement leaders paid tributes

CHITRAL, Aug 14: On the day of independence, Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Chitral, organized an event to extend tribute to Mohammad Ali Jinnah and his companions for carving out a state for the Muslims of India. Principal AKHSS extended his token of thanks to the guests on the occasion, and also spoke about Independence Day, and the objectives of its celebration. While delivering speech on the occasion Sajjad-ur-RIMG_0522ehman, Sadiqullah, Wasim iqbal, Yasir Nawaz, and Ali Nawaz spoke on the very purpose of celebration, student’s responsibilities, Quaid’s vision of Pakistan, his companions’ struggle, sacrifices of Muslims, meaning of freedom, and approach of our leaders to lead Pakistan. They also highlighted the natural resources, climate, human capital, suffering of the people and societal degradation in Pakistan with possible initiatives to be taken in coming days. A group of students personified Jinnah’s early life, education, his career as a barrister, Indian nationalist, sole spokesman of Muslims and founder of Pakistan. Students from Grade-8, 9, 10, 11 and Grade-12 also presented national songs, a tableau, and talkshow on the current situation in Pakistan. Yaqoob Ali also shared his experiences in AKHSS, Gilgit, career awareness, contribution and literary activities of some important personalities of Chitral; importance of academic and co-curricular activities for grooming of a learner. Position holder students in AKU-EB, term exams, quiz competition; speech competition, National self-assessment test and poster competition were awarded achievement certificates and shields. Chief guest of the event Manager Agriculture Bank Mulkhow branch, Chitral Mr. Suhrabuddin addressing the students said that the vision of the school is aimed to lead for excellence, should be made part of one’s personality. ‘Discipline, hard work, punctuality and meritocracy were the bedrock of Jinnah’s personality. An individual, Institution or a state makes progress once these principles are applied with letter and spirit. President of the event, Head HR and Admn AKESP, Chitral Mr. Mir Wazir Khan while speaking on the occasion said that the societal approach may likely transform to judge achievement of a student on qualifying a particular discipline in our society. ‘A discipline or subject to be studied or opted for study which best suits with one’s aptitude and interest’ while quoting a verse from Iqbal poetry, he added. ‘Let drops of your blood in hard work, its results become brilliant to bring change in life for greater transformation. One thinks something good for himself should aspire the same for others’, he added. This celebration concluded with a Khowar song tuned in Khow musical instruments and a token of thanks extended to all guests, and parents’.]]>

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