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Broghil festival from Aug 14th

CHITRAL, July 27: The three-day annual Broghil festival will start from August 14. Freestyle polo, horse race, yak polo, mountain marathon, yak race, tug of war, buz kashi, lifestyle shows and handicraft exhibition are the main features of the event. Broghil is famous for its beautiful landscape, snow covered peaks, the majestic Karambar Lake besides more than 25 other small lakes with three major passes connecting the valley to Wakhan Corridor in the west through Kankhun Pass. Broghil is situated at a distance of 260 kilometres from Chitral city and is accessible by jeep taking 12 to 15 hours. Murad Akbar, a local tour operator, said the festival is being organized on a national scale where eco-tourists are expected to turn up in a large number. He said that the valley was the paradise of eco-tourism which had been bestowed upon peculiarities as it is house of five glaciers, thirty five biologically active lakes and many hot springs. He said that the festival had been organized on local level by the local youth organization on limited scale but this year it is being turned into a national event to promote tourism thereby raise the living condition of the people of the remote valley. Music remains the most exciting part with the participation of people from all age group while some old traditional foods are cooked which are of special interests to the tourists. People of old age demonstrate traditional dresses like Khon (handmade long leathered shoes), Warang (large hand made cloak with wool) Tulpack (woollen and leathered cap) and two-piece woollen dress, which makes the festival a complete cultural event, Murad said. He added that arrangements of food and accommodation have been made by hoteliers tour operators in the valley and one needs not to be worry about at all.–Zahiruddin]]>

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