Powerhouse also approved for Drosh: MPA

CHITRAL, 24 July: PTI’s Member Provincial Assembly Bibi Fozia has said that on the directives of Chief Minister Pervez Khattak the concerned department has issued No Objection Certificates (NoCs) for the establishment of two hydel power stations in Chitral town and Drosh. In a statement, Bibi Fozia said that 1.5 MW powerhouse would be established in Shali for Chitral town whereas anothr one MW powerhouse would be constructed in Shishi for Drosh town. Both the projects would be completed by SRSP which will resolve the power issues in Chitral town and Drosh. She said that the feasibility study of Shali project was conducted by SHYDO and earlier CM had promised to issue NoC. MPA Bibi Fozia said that SRSP would construct these two power houses under a contract with provincial government. She added that the PTI provincial government was keen in responding to the power issue across the province and for the purpose mega and micro projects were in pipeline. She added that under the Public Private Partnership 39 micro-hydel stations would be established in different part of Chitral. 69 MW Lawi project, 61MW Muxi Gram Shoghor, 62 MW Istaru and 72 MW Arkari Gole project were mega power projects included in the ADP by PTI’s provincial government.]]>

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  1. The way our worthy MPA Bibi Fozia has projected the small issue of obtaining no objection certificate (NOC) which is often done by clerks. The female MPA failed to do anything constructive for the development of Chitral. But she is very good at defaming others especially females. The recent controversy of making a lady education officer as OSD is an eye-opener how sincere these elected and selected representatives are with the people of Chitral. Another MPA, who has snatched the provincial assembly seat after a long battle, has started awarding contracts to his favorite contractors without floating tenders. The Rs 200,000 tender given to the contractor without following the laid down rules shows how he follows rules.

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