MNA warns public work dept. officials

CHITRAL, July 22: MNA Shahzada Iftikharuddin has asked the officers of the public works departments either to mend their ways and ensure fair utilization of the public funds or prepare their wrists for handcuffs.

The MNA said he would not spare any one involved in the embezzlement of public funds meant for development. Addressing the officers of the departments of communication and works, public health engineering and irrigation, health and education here on Tuesday, he expressed his utter anguish over the failure of a number of medium sized projects in Chitral.

The lawmaker burst into rage when the engineer of public health engineering department told him that the contractor of Golen Gol water supply project had been paid all his dues despite the faulty work. Not a single drop of water has been provided by the project to the people of Chitral town but the contractor has been paid the massive amount of 280 million rupees and this is the worst example of corruption, he said.

He said that the failure of the project cannot be tolerated in which the contractor had siphoned millions of rupees with the connivance of the engineers of the department and it must be probed into so that the corrupt elements could be made example for others.

The MNA also expressed his dissatisfaction over the slow pace and substandard quality of work on the site of Abdul Wali Khan bypass road and asked the C&W department to complete it within three months. He also expressed his concern and anguish over the fake irrigation projects in different areas of the district executed by the irrigation department including Ghochar Koh irrigation channel.–Zahiruddin

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  1. The people of Chitral are simply crying due to load-shedding but the MNA claims to provide electricity to Wakhik in Brogil through an NGO which is completely in his disposal. What a lawmaker. This should be the spirit. People in the town area have lost hundreds of stabilizers and refrigerators due to low power voltage. We would like to know what the young MNA is going to do about the worsening power and water crisis in Chitral town. Let me make it sure that no one in the town will vote him in the next elections as he has far done nothing about the problems faced by the people living in Chitral town and other adjacent area like Dolomuts, Sinlasht, Denin, Broze, etc.

  2. Proof of the pudding is in the eating. Let us see the culprits in handcuffs and byepass road completed within three months. Saying something in the press is one thing ensuring it happen on ground is another.

  3. You people begging for funds for the development of district and we see in the newspapers that millions of rupees have been allocated for a particular project. At the time of contract one contractor bribe the other contractors and department officials and get the contract on his own term and conditions. Once contractor got the project no one ask him, he use delay techniques and at the end of financial year the rates become revised and the contractor get more and pay more to the officials. When someone properly assessed the actual work done of any government project its worth may be 50% of the total cost or less. The remaining 50% goes to contractors and department officials. The dilemma is that the contractors and the department officials consider it as their right and legal money. It is the total loss of government exchequer.
    Government should compensate the concern people but not on the cost of developmental projects or government should separately announce the fees of contractor and departments, the project amount should totally go to project according to the actual specifications.
    The people of Chitral are with you and will appreciate your practical action against the corrupt mafia.

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