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Green Lasht village loses more land, houses to river

RESHUN, July 21: With the rise in temperatures, the river Yarkhun has reached its high watermarks and one again started cutting down swaths of land, fruit trees and houses in the Green Lasht village. floods1So far this year, Amirullah, Taj Muhammad and Sahib Khan of the village have become homeless. It may be noted that last year the river washed away the house and agricultural land of Khairulllah who is now living in the house of his relative Muhammad Ishaq in Reshun. The affected people have now evacuated their moveable property but still they have many things remaining behind that may be washed away. Muhammad Aslam, M. Ayub, Nadir Baig and Khan also lost big chunks of their agricultural lands this time. The affected people with the support of the people of other residents of Green Lasht have demolished their houses and even cut down their trees to take them away. On Saturday, Qari Faizullah reportedly provided a sack of flour, sugar and tea packs along with a tent to the affected people. It was also reported that MPA Sardar Hussain on his way visited the people a few days back. “The proverbial Green Lasht is going to vanish in the merciless waves of the river within a few years. Its major are has already drowned while more or less 400 acres have become like a desert on the other side of the river,” said Muhammad Ali Baig. Green Lasht consists of 80 households and out of these 10 families are under the threat of being eroded by the river anytime. Though the people of Green Lasht are not expecting any support from the government they are still hopeful that the authorities concerned will evacuate them to safe places or channelize the river to the other side flowed by the construction of a protection wall in the village.]]>

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