JUI stirs controversy over hydro-power projects

ISLAMABAD, July 19: Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Chitral has rejected the provincial government’s decision to construct micro hydel powerhouses through the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP). akrspIn a statement issued issued from Chitral, JUI general secretary Maulana Abdus Shakoor said the utilization of public money through a controversial NGO was not acceptable and such a step would not bring any benefit to the people. Talking to ChitralToday over the phone from Chitral, Maulana  Shakoor claimed that the Sunni community of Chitral was opposed to the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) from the day one and had been registering their protest every now and then. According to the cleric, the Sunni community had not benefited from the AKF projects. Despite the fact that majority of the employees in all AKF intuitions belong to Sunni community, the hardliner JUI-F cleric claimed that the AKF was more active in Ismaili dominated areas. He also claimed that all the hardliner religious political parties were unanimous that they would not allow the AKRSP to undertake the gigantic task of building hydro-powerhouses in the area despite the fact it was worst affected part of the province due to the shortage of electricity. When pressed that all other NGOs working in Chitral also got funding from different organizations, the cleric had nothing to say except repeating the rhetoric that the Sunni community had reservations over the name of His Highness the Aga Khan. Hardliner extremist clerics in Chitral have the track record of exploiting the non-governmental organizations (NGOs), especially the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF), to fulfill their agenda ie to negate the good work done by the AKRSP, Aga Health Service (AKHS), Aga Khan Education Service (AKES) and numerous others in the name of religion.  ]]>

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  1. Your creative editors deserve our compliments for turning a public controversy around on its head and use it to settle personal scores on other issues under the banner of JUI controversy.
    What is the Power Committee of Chitral? Is this an elected body or is it a self-appointed body? Is it a political body or a group of volunteers? Do they have funding even to run a secretariat because they seem to be claiming that they can light up the entire Chitral just be shouting and abusing people. If they can do this by huffing and puffing then all our problems are solved. We should all get together and huff and puff and all our problems will go away. I cannot see this happening because the most active member of this committee has not had an unblemished record of public service especially with regard to the Chitral Gol Project. How do we expect him to become the embodiment of virtue overnight is a bit astounding.

  2. Dear Friends
    I gone through all the comments and it really impressed me that our youth have concerns interms of our future energy needs and energy generation in Chitral.I also appreciate Chitraltoday team to provide such platform for the discussion.The discussion is productive and different area people have different prospectives for energy issues.
    I think the frustration has been dveloped because of the wapda speciall at town chitral.
    For me the frustration is not that AKRSP has got the Hydropower projects but the main frustration is AKRSP could not able to implement these projects in all over the disctrict as we all know AKRSP has been implemented these type of projects in upper Chitral and the Chitral lower needs more energy requirement for lighting and cooling summer and and for the business activities in round the clock.
    In this scenario if we all without been bias express our views AKRSP could not be able to develop in areas like Chitral Gole,Joghore Gole,Danin Gole,Kari Gole,Shish Payeen Ashriat Gole and extreme south sunni dominated areas.We should not blame AKRSP for not initiating these type of projects in other potential areas but it is very clear that the people of the specific areas didnt accept it and so remained undeveloped.
    I also request to AKRSP top officials to look the matter and decide as neutral and puting the current situation in their front and not think for their jobs and facilities of lancrusers.
    Look SRSP,recently address the Town energy issue and start work on 2 KW Hydropower station that will really help the town population and help for their energy needs till the Golen construction completed,i AM 100% Sure AKRSP could not take such bold step for the emerging need like town but rather start it in Yarkhoon,Laspour,Lotgoh valley where the really acceptance on high sites.GOVT should decided to fund both SRSP for lower chitral and AKRSP for the upper Chitral so that both the parts will be equally ddeveloped.

  3. We need to keep in mind, inter alia, two major things in analysing the opposition of JUI to the proposed outsourcing of hydel power generation projects to the AKRSP: Instigation attempts on the part of the contractor mafia and that by the competing NGOs working in parallel. These two masterminds having conspicuous vested interests might have incited political elements rival to the sitting government in the KPK. The people of Chitral are not too naïve to be accomplices to the double-faced mafias in action!

  4. Construction of power houses and other projects by local contractors and government department is before us in the form of Shishi Hydel Power project, By pass road and Golan Gole water supply scheme. In all the three schemes tax payers hard earned money has been syphoned off with no benefits to them. In case of Shishi Hydel power project about Rs. 60 crore has been spend while the power project failed to produce single unit of electricity after one year. If that amount of public tax income could be provided to AKRSP Chitral hundred such power projects will be completed. Secondly in Booni WASIP executed water supply project successfully with lowest estimated cost while in Chitral Rs. 32 core has been spent by the contractor belonging to JUI party and not a single drop of water has been supplied to town Chitral in the Holy Month of Ramzan. If KPK government outsource these infrastructure project to AKRSP or other expert consulting agencies public tax income could be saved from corruption and corrupt mafia would be left in the lurch. To twist the wave in the favor of corrupt contractors their performance is before us in the form of Shishi Hydel Power Project, By-Pass Road and Golan Gole water supply etc reflect that tax income of the poverty ridden nation is directly going into the pocket of corrupt mafia. These corrupt mafia instigating religious parties representatives to pass such statement so that their corrupt practices could be continued for good.

  5. A positive debate is the essence of freedom but we should not take it personal nor should indulge religion and faith in it. We should learn to resolve our issues and give a way to development.
    I respect both the Ulema (irrespective of their affiliation with political parties and sect) and NGOs, including AKRSP, that have changed the life of a common Chitrali people.
    The debate should be concluded and I suggest some points that will definitely help in the conclusion of the debate.
    The KP Government is trying to provide electricity to districts with water resources in the Malakand and Hazara Divisions. We should welcome, help and facilitate the government in this noble cause. Working through NGOs is comparatively less expensive, less time consuming and result oriented for the government. The KP government also wants to eradicate corruption, therefore, NGOS are good choice. Sometimes donors also demand to utilize non-governmental organizations for their works. As experienced, civilized and educated people, we should lead the other regions to make this model successful.
    As Chitralis we should be happy with the news that the companies who have achieved the contract are product of Chitral and Chitralis, as we own SRSP due to our brilliant son Masudul Muluk. In some districts, GAP has won the contracts, which is Chitrali business entity nurtured by AKRSP and run by Chitrali youths. The KP government has awarded the projects in district Chitral to AKRSP and most of the people of Chitral own it for its remarkable services for the development of Chitral.
    The government or AKRSP should make public the list of proposed settlement for construction of MHPs and should take on board the people of that particular settlement. There are elders and educated people in all the settlements of Chitral and they deserve to represent themselves, it is injustice with them that two individuals decide on behalf of the people of entire Chitral sitting in the main Town of Chitral, Drosh and Booni. It will be better to let the primary stakeholders of the settlements decide whether they need the MHPs or not.
    For these MHPs the process of selection of executing agencies was started for the last two years, and all the organization including AKRSP has the got the contract through competitive bidding. If anyone who has reservation with AKSP, he/she should take it as a contractor, many developmental works are being carried out by contractors like SAMBO, MKC, IC and many others, and no one ask who is doing what, we should concentrate on product and end result. AKRSP is internationally recognized organization for the development of MHPs and we are lucky to have that experienced organization and hope it will be a good contractor to implement the KP Govt projects also.
    The people of Chitral are crying electricity, electricity for the last many years and the politicians could not make a single kilowatt, now let the government and other organizations to help the people in trouble. The people should not let the political parties to influence the developmental projects; if any politician is a primary stakeholder he should be included in process at settlement level for the smooth execution of the project. (CIADP model is the best example).
    As common Chitrali we request the KP Government and AKRSP to continue the process and provide electricity to deserving people as soon as possible. Ignore the people who want to stop the development for short run, in the end these people will also join and appreciate the development as they are appreciating the SHASHA drinking water supply scheme that was also Haram when initiated.

  6. I think JUI is playing politics ,We all know that their politics remain in the name of religion.As far as the project concern I think it is the provincial government responsibility to decide .I think the people of Chitral should discourage these religious base political groups to disturb the valley peace & harmony .Even AKRSP or SRSP do the project it should not be a issue but there should be audit for the project success & I am very much hopeful from PTI provincial government to make these project a Success so the poor people of the valley could get the benefit.

  7. We appeal to AKRSP to innitiate project in Allai Valley, district Battagram. Our one bridge located at Kar (Pokal) was damaged and later illeminated in 2010 flood have not yet been restored. The girls and boys have to travel on ropes while going to their respective school. I appeal to his Highness Agha Khan in helping my people and reconstruction of bridge at Kar(Pokal) Allai valley.

  8. We the people of Rural Areas are very unfortunate that these begotted moulavis are making decision on our behalf. They have no vision and lead people like an owl . The nations are progressing while we are still regressing turning back to cave age.
    We the people of Allai Valley are thankful to AKRSP for helping us in rehabilitation of October 2005 earthquake. We welcome AKRSP project in our Valley “the Allai”

  9. I think that the respected readers have assigned religious meaning to political comments. AKDN is operating in most of the third world countries. Had the AKDN been so controversial its initiatives would not have been welcomed in some of the most conservative countries in the Gulf. In 2010 the Saudi based Wadi Hanifa wetland project was awarded by Aga Khan Award for Architecture. In fact, that award ceremony was held in Doha, a large number of cultural projects are being carried out in Egypt and Syria by AKDN as well. The AKDN is excellent working relations with UAE and Bahrain.
    In democracy, the freedom of expression gives everybody a right to support or oppose. JUI is a political party, which has a right to express its opinion on all important matters, and agree or disagree with fellow citizens. They exercised their right of expression. The readers have given unnecessary importance to this and taken it too seriously. We need to keep in mind that another religious party, with no less hard-line credential, is in the KPK govt which has given these project to NGOs including AKRSP. Instead of giving a Sunni-Ismaili colour to the issue, we should rather see JUI’s stance in the broader democratic and political perspective.

  10. Dear all
    Be patient and comment as civilized chitralis. We chitralis are well known and have the reputation of being a civilized nation. Both are run by same people and families so app ko kia faida mufhat me tesion lene ki.

  11. Surprised to see the extent of hypocrisy of these so called religious leaders. Sunni community, sunni community, who are you to speak on behalf of sunni community? Sunni community has already suffered a lot due to your criminal propaganda in 80s when you persuaded people not to take benefit of AKDN institutions. Now as upper Chitral is rich in energy and there are hardly power outages thanks to the microhydrels established by AKRSP, lower Chitral remains an area facing educational, health and other problems including lack of electricity and we hold you people responsible for it.
    Secondly what else can the Mullahs say? Their hypocrisy was exposed during the MMA era and many people stopped going to mosques when Mullahs started using them as political tool against other political parties.
    Maulana Abdul Akber of Jammat e Islami had signed an agreement with Ismaili nazimeen of PPP for local bodies election which is still available. In the said agreement Maulana sahib on behalf of Jamat e Islami had endorsed the development initiatives of AKDN and had said that “All NGOs working for betterment of Chitrali people will be supported including AKDN.” But his agreement and promise was like that of Ahlian e Kufa or Bani Israel, broken soon afterward and Maulana now even denies it. However he cannot deny his signature and the written paper.
    Similarly, the JUI chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman had visited the Aga Khan local Council in Garam Chashma when he was in Chitral and assured Ismaili community of his full support.
    Security agencies in Chitral must not remain silent on this issue. The security apparatus and political establishment in Chitral never allowed such organizations or hate speakers in Chitral. A former leader of JUI who was famous for his sectarian extremism was exiled from Chitral for years. The year he returned to Chitral, he incited violence but was later killed over a land dispute in his native village. The officer (sunni) who had given a verdict in Maulana’s favor died within six months because of a heart attack. Those who got a chance to meet him during these six months say that he repeatedly regretted that he gave an unjust decision because of pressure and that the party having rightful ownership of the land was deprived because of Maulana’s influence in the provincial setup. Whatever the case the point in writing all these details is there are always hidden motives. These Maulanas are not straight forward people. Some members and close relatives of leaders of JUI and JI have been working in these NGOs and have also opened their own NGOs. May be the current controversy is being funded by some other organizations in order to remove AKRSP and get the contract themselves.
    JI in an statement had said that government departments should be given the hydro projects instead of AKRSP, we would like to ask Jamat Islami leaders that because of Maulana Chitrali’s written agreement and Magfirat Shah’s assurances you are obliged to support AKDN and cannot raise voice against it. If you do so you are breaking an Islamic norm and Rasul Ullah SAW has declared that he is not among us who breaks promises and covenants. Secondly, please go and check the quality and standard of construction under government departments. The TMA had built many microhydrels under RAHA project during last five years, please compare their quality with those built by AKRSP and then decide yourself who can serve Chitral better. The quality of work at the new pipleline from Golen should have been enough to open your eyes. But you always live in “state of denial” that has been the cause of our backwardness, we hold you accountable for our backwardness in Mulkhow, Torkhow and Drosh, the areas which support you people are deprived of basic facilities and lack of education and possess high tendencies for extremism.
    Sorry wrong number, you thought raising this new controversy would help you regain popularity or like 80s or 90s government or NGOs will negotiate with you. No it is 2014 the youth of Chitral is no more interested in controversies. They are no more interested in sectarian feuds. Chitral’s social fabric which was destroyed because of your ignorance in 1982 has been rebuilt with efforts of 30 years. Chitralis reject extremism and sectarianism. One of the reasons for the success of one of our politicians who ruled Chitral for three decades was him embracing tolerance and sectarian harmony instead of hatred and feuds.
    Chitral is a unique place where an Ismaili candidate recently won because of votes from a valley which is considered to be the stronghold of these so called religious parties. People were amazed at it but this is how Chitral is. Chitralis decide on basis of many things, personality, education, charisma, family background etc and sectarian affiliation is ignored. This was proven during by elections in Mastuj and insha Allah Chitral will remain beacon of peace in future as well.
    At the end, I would like to request authorities in Chitral not to allow these religious fanatics flourish. They should be handled with iron fist. Some banned organizations and sectarian organizations which were previously never allowed by authorities in Chitral are nor openly working with offices in main markets. These sectarian parties did work in other parts of Pakistan but were never allowed in Chitral. For the last few years authorities are ignoring their activities. We demand that there should be a crackdown against activities of these extremist sectarian organizations in order to main security and order in Chitral.
    Being a resident of Town Chitral, and a proud Sunni I can write many pages and I would like to tell our religious leaders, we love you leading our prayers, guiding us and discussing matters of faith. But we hate when you politicize our mosques and start playing games. Some religious elements have brought bad name to all and I assure you there are many like me who are against this ignorance and blackmailing tactics of religious leaders. Its also disgraceful for hundreds among us who have improved their lives because of either affiliation with AKDN directly or being beneficiaries of AKDN intervention in their communities.

  12. Since the beginning of AKRSP the molvies are against this NGO and they always teach the peoples that the funds of AKRSP’s are haram, due to this fact the projects have not been used in sunni’s areas. The sunni educated peoples are working in this NGO and the “neem mulla khatrai jan” molvies are always against all the projects because these peoples are happy to see chitral always backward area. In fact these peoples are uneducated and they can’t proved about any hidden policy of AKRSP. JUI always make fool the poor peoples of chitral.

  13. Ma Axelian pisa eigho ko xibomian. Lu haya sher ki ispa bishli hajat. Haya Kinimenio muxi hal biko sar ka d giti ki bishli ispat prai hato istimal korelik wa hatetan su tawuun korelik.
    Zaruri lo haya haya KRSP kigh namen idaro su ispa tawun kosi aur ispa koshish haya boi ki hami paisan xibiko no lakelik. Ae brar khai governmenta paisa giko xoti phik biti neshenian ka bashar ganak tan niki. Hate tema pisa lu dyor ki.
    Awa kia haya AKRSP o sar d khoshan no. Khali he motora sauda ganaw bazari asuni wa khur korom hetan niki. Magar hanise ispa lalesi ki hamit kanduri sheali kori ispate bishli sawzenian.
    Wa hami fund pura chatraro bache gonian. Hamitan alti lotkoha ya Yarkhona ispa ismaili brargeniani te tan ki prani the ispa hametan bokho ganisi.
    Hanise pisa saf phik biti tan muxi sheali biti hal bor. Awa iskota asika hamosh janjal baoni magar ispa kiwat hardia no lakhaw asusi. Khai pisa eigho gurgulan gani kia waqia hoi ae nabhelan.

  14. Mr Pasiban! baraye meherbani ramazan me logon ko gumrah karne se pehle abdul shakor aor jui k dosre Aga khan doshman sahiban ko sath lekar pehle Chitral me mowjod AKDN k offices me ja kar ongoing and mokamal shoda projects ka record hasil kar k jamia masjid booni se apne survey ka agaz karo aor shagram, warijun, mestoj k jamia masjidon me ja kar AKDN k bare me suni bhaion se malomat hasil karo haqiqat apke samne aye ga. Apka asal maqsad ilaqe k gharib logon ko bijli,saf pani,ilaj k saholaton aor schoolon se mehrom kar k chitral ko bajaor aor mohmand agency jaisa bana kar chitral k shahzadon ko wapas hamare opar mosalat kar na hai. apka ye showq bad qesmati se pora nehi ho sakta, kisi had tak apka motaliba samaj me ata hai k jab log educated honge aor masail jab wasail me badlenge to apka chola thanda hoga.

  15. جمعیت علماء اسلام کی طرف سے آغا خان رورل سپورٹ پروگرام کے ذریعے بجلی گھروں کی تعمیر کو مسترد کرنیکا اعلان واضح پیغام ہے کہ سنی کمیونٹی کو اس ادارے سے کوئی فائدہ نہیں پہنچا ہے کیونکہ یہ ادارے متنازعہ ہیں ۔ اس بیان کے بعد سوشل میڈیا پر جو حضرات مختلف قسم کے رائے ذنی کرتے ہیں انکی معلومات نہایت محدود ہیں یا پھر باوجود معلومات رکھنے کے مذکورہ صاحبان حقائق سے چشم پوشی کر رہے ہیں۔
    آغا خان فاؤنڈیشن ایک متنازعہ ادارہ تھا، متنازعہ ادارہ ہے اور متنازعہ ادارہ رہیگا اور اسمیں کوئی شک نہیں۔ سنی کمیونٹی میں گنتی کے چند لوگوں کو اپنا ہمنوا بنانے کے لئے اس ادارے کی طرف سے فنڈنگ کی جاتی رہی ہے اور وہی لوگ ان اداروں کی کاسہ لیسی کر رہے ہیں۔ ان اداروں نے چترال کے عوام کو عملاً تقسیم کرکے رکھدیا ہے اور اپنے مذموم مقاصد کی خاطر انہوں نے غریبوں کے لئے آنے والے فنڈ کو کرپشن اور عیاشی کی نذر کر دیا ہے۔
    جن بھائیوں کو ان اداروں سے محبت ہے وہ محبت اتنا اندھا نہ ہوں کہ زبان سے اناب شناب نکالیں۔ ان اداروں نے اسمعیلی کمیونٹی کے لئے بھی اتنا کچھ نہیں کیا جتنا کہ یہ بتا رہے ہیں ہاں البتہ چند بااثر اسمٰعیلی خاندانوں کو دل کھول کر سیراب کیا گیا ہے

    1. Here I am 100 percent agree with Pasban that some Ismaili families have turned out to be beneficiaries of AKDN institutions. The scholarships are being given to their incompetent children and jobs are always available for them. It is not the fault of His Highness rather we the people both Sunni and Ismailis are responsible the way these NGOs treat us. For the His Highness both Ismailis and Sunnis are equal. It’s the handful opportunists within Ismaili community along with some of their relatives and friends in the Sunni community who have hijacked these institutions.

    2. Dear Brother Pasban
      Aap ki ya bathain aap ki zehni ahangi to zahir ker rehi hain. ma aap chand bathon ki wazahat chahoon ga or agar aap na in ki wazahat ki tu ma apney kihidmat bi app ko or app ka party to daney kaliya tayar hoon. pehlay ma ya wazhat karoon ka ma bi app ki tareh suni fairqay sa taluq rakhta hoon
      1. app logon ko fathwa daney ka akhtiyar kisney diya hay. har koi har dusray din koi na koi fathwa sider kertha ha. lok app logon ka in fethwoon par hansthay hain.
      2. ya NGOs na nahee balikay app logoon na quoam ko taqseem kia hay. dusray maslik ko cholain app na to sunnion ma bi tafaruqay qayum kiay hain. jo app ki tareh apney app ko banye to teak agar nahee to who be kafer.
      3. app na ya aap ki party kia Pakistan baney sa aap tak kia hokumati corruption ka khilaf koi kam kia hay. ya aap ka khiyal ma sarkari corruption jayez ha. app na aaj tak kia kabi apney huqooq ka baray ma koi muzahira kia hay. kia kisi road, forest, food or her muhkamay ma jakey un sakari logon sa pooch gach ki hay. un ka kam hi aap ko suhulat dana hay keyoon ka woh hamarey tax paisoon sa apni noukari kerthay hain na ka NGO walay.
      4. kia app ka JUI na abi tak koi school, road, hospital waghira banaya hay logoon ki kidhmat kaliya kia mahlooq ki kidmat najaeez ha.
      5. kia aap ki jamat muthanzia nahee. apney bottle sa baher nikal kar dakian.
      6. agar app or app ka party ko ghair muslim donor agencies ithini nafrat ha to un ka banay huya cheezon ko bi chool dain. ya adwiyath(medicine), motor, airplane, internet, computer, taqriban 99.9% tamam cheezain un logon na banayi hain. ya go bejli ka liya shor mach rahey hain ya bi kisi muslman na nahee banaya hay. unka isthimal chool dain. daikthay hain kithney din zinda rehsakthay hain.
      7. agar app ka mualim 6 mahney ki chila par jaye bamugha thankhwa(salary) to jayez lakin agar koi NGO wala shap rooz aik ker ka awam ki kidthmat karay to najayez ya kahan ka insaf ha.
      8. ma bazad khud JUI chitral kai leader ko jantha hoon jo aaj kal her meeting ma camera ka liya pose dethay hain jo apni sarkari nourkari ka kam sath teakadari kerthey they. bachey bacharey school ma usthaz ka inthizar kerthey tha or ustaz mukhtaram road ma apni teakdari ma masroof. is ko kehthey hain double dipping thankhaw bi or teakadari bi. kia ya jahez hay.
      maray khiyal ma app logon ko in taraqiyati idroon ko un ka haal par chool kar apney un bachoon ka khiyal rakhna chaheya jo aaj kal wazirstan ma baag rahay hain. jin ko app lok kuch ursa pehley chitral ma aney ki dawat dethay tha. app ka drosh or chitral waley jalisson ki taqrirain hokumtahi idaroon ka pass maujud honji.
      shukira, agar koi gustakhi hui ha to muafee ka talabgar

  16. Great.. Molvies…. I don’t know their philosophy . Milllions of sunnis work around the world specially in Europe, USA, and some other Asian countries. They work with non Muslims, specially in western countries with Christian and Jewish communities.At the end of the month they give their zakat, nazrana, and donate money to needy people from their salaries. especially they send money to Pakistan to help poor relatives and build mosques, donate charities, and this money is Halal? I think Ulama should start projects from their own fund and bring back all these sunies.Mr Moulana faizurahman is very nice and political person. He visits different countries and uses flight made by non Muslims, Haram….. and in chitral ulama people use vehicle made by non Muslim, should be haram…..and should not use……use mobile, use phone….. etc… world bank and imf and different non Muslim countries give fund for Wapda, and other electric supplies companies. these people should not use these…. but i could say…. poor people have no mind and less education….. “Seek knowledge even if you have to go to China,” Prophet peace be upon him said. And China is nowadays a communist country. I don’t want to ask so many questions related their view. ..وَأَمَّا الَّذِينَ فِي قُلُوبِهِم مَّرَضٌ فَزَادَتْهُمْ
    . رِجْسًا إِلَى رِجْسِهِمْ وَمَاتُواْ وَهُمْ كَافِرُونَ this.. But I would like to request to the educated and intellectual people in chitral to answer their questions…. it will create a big vacuum in the field of development…. ask Tariq Jamil and Zakir Naik both are scholars in this days or listen to Dr.Ghamdi or listen their speeches….these people will get their answer… I would like request to Moulana Abdul Akbar being a chitrali politician and a scholar share your view with chitralies. But these type of people don’t belong to any political or religious parties but they have their own agenda and want to demolish love and harmony among the human being. I Am sure Jamat e Islami will play a better role among communities. These people are using party’s platform to achieve their own agenda..Allah Ham Sab ka Hami and Nasir Hai….I pray to Almighty God to give these people education, awareness and create love on their heart for other human being…..ameen

  17. We read the comments of friends. Most of the people use covered name; like Shahpar. All these comments speak the moderate narrow mindedness and liberal fascism. Again we say and 1000 of times we would say that AKRSP and AKDN are controversial NGOs who have created discomfort in the peaceful district.
    We have said in our earlier comment that if some one wants a debate he should come to a forum (of his own choice) and we will prove our allegations 100 true.
    In 1999 the than honorable judge of Peshawar High Court Mr. Justice Tariq Pervez had carried out detail inquiry and submitted a Judicial Inquiry Report to the Provincial and Federal governments. Before criticizing JUI our educated brothers and sisters should read this report.

  18. Look at the conspiracy even the development organizations are so jealous with each other that put a negative impact on the overall pace of hydropower establishment in the area.It not the ulema but its the brain of competition of the existing organizations who do not accept other’s performance.

    1. The JUI led by Maulana Fazlur Rehman is a genuine political party which should not be made controversial by its ignorant union council level workers in the area. Maulana Fazal is known for his political foresightedness and vision. But this is quite unfortunate to see that the local JUI workers are out to spoil the party image at the behest of other NGOs which are jealous of its performance in the area. The JUI local leadership should play a role in the development of the area as together we can solve our problems or else the NGO baboos in their lust for donors money will push the country into stone age. I would request the senior leadership of JUI to sack people like Maulana Shakoor who have blackmailed the party before the international community.

      1. Brother you are living in a dreamland. Jamiat Ulemae Hind and later JUI lead by Fazlur Rehman’s father was a real Islamic and Political party. In a time when Bhutto was all powerful PM Mufti sab proved himself to be a real Islamic Aalim and a good, humble leader. But that was it. Moulana Fazl is not known for his political forsightedness or any vision. He is known in Pakistan for his lust for power, lust for corruption. He supported every military dictator of this country, grabbed lands, diesel contracts and Dollars during Afghan Jihad and US Invasion of Afghanistan.
        The Fire which we have found our country in for the last decade is a direct result of the actions of your Visionary leader during 80’s with the Military Dictator Zia. So Moulana can be anything but a visionary leader or a religious Aalim.

  19. @JUI chitral
    Pesat ka hay haqo prai la ke pisa pura chitralo numaindagio korur ray. pisa jamat chitrala acceptable birua awam pesa muntakhab koraysir. Chitralo awam pesa reject kori asur na, d phuk sukun korur. Rush kicha pesa hr jaga hr zamana mazhabo namo istimal kori sena zori tan komi.
    Ingar chitralo royan d tansar dur no korur.
    Pesa tan partio ingar “Muqadas leshu” no savzavur. Religious circl an malign ka no konian. wa d k pesa tan jamato muqadas jashumain, thay hay muqadas jamato lothoro janabay Moulana fazlur Rehman osu Geo program “Hum sub umeed say hay” a kia ezat afzai ke boyan hatay bara lu duor. ingar mazhabo namo gani chitralian chalayko koshish no korur. baqi Govt kia ke mashkitai hato koi, pesa aih b u dika duor.

  20. I think Srsp has more competency in Hydro power projects then AKrsp so without any delay funds should be transfered to Srsp.As Masood Mulk is very actively developing hydro projects in different parts of Chitral. Masood should take initiative n move forward with kpk govt and get the funds

    1. Dear all friends and brothers,
      The Government of KPK has taken an innovative approach to set up mini &and Hydel projects. This is first time that the Provincial Government has taken steps to solve the undefeated electricity crisis in rural areas of Pakistan through Micro hydels.
      No one can ignore that AKRSP is the first organization in Chitral who started and implemented the micro hydel and Masood Ul Mulk Sb was the first to initiate this innovative approach. He is now leading SRSP and serving millions of rural people, which is highly appreciated.
      These projects should not be mixed with religious things, as we all must think about the outcomes of the projects – thousands of Chitralis will have access to energy and it will also create employment opportunities for Chitralis, which is the need of the time.
      I would also like to share here that, the bid was opened to NGOs, but there were some limitations that a NGO cannot get the projects in more than 3-4 districts, and the good news for Chitralis is that SRSP has won bid for 3-4 districts – in Shangla, Swat, Buner.
      I request to all my friends, JUI and brothers who have put their comments, that we should be positive and the comments should be on the outcomes of the projects – and being the residents of Chitral, we must cooperate with the implementing organizations, so that projects will be successful.

  21. JUI leaders must think so many time in the best interest of keeping communal harmony in Chitral.

  22. WE must create tolerance in ourselves. What is wrong with AKRSP if it executes some power house projects like a contractor.

  23. JUI-F has been sitting in government since 1997 and enjoyed IMF and World Bank fund. For JUI US add coming since 2002 (20 billion dollars) for war against terror (talibanan diko bachen) was halal. itne dollar me MMA b banta hai,NWFP me hokomat b.
    ‘Gala to ghont dia ahle madrasa ne tera,
    kahan se aye sada la ilaha ill allah.(iqbal)

  24. @JUI
    Hey buddy. I think like the clean shaved Jan Achakzai you are another clean shaved person hired to represent JUI (because 99% of the followers of JUI are illiterate to the core, FACT).
    If you want to have a debate, I am ready. Come up with your arguments and proves against ADKN/AKRSP. Produce something to show us the hidden agenda of these Humanitarian Organisation.

    1. Mr. Shahpar,
      JUI argument is baseless and makes no sense. We highly appreciate AKDN efforts in development. They are doing remarkable job.
      But after reading both JUI press release and your response, I feel no difference. As their statement is baseless so do yours. How can you prove your FACT that 99% of their followers are illiterate. Being a literate do you have solid proof (data etc) that authenticate you FACTS. You think only those who can write and speak English are literate and the rest of them are not. Then how about the rest of the world where English is not a primary language. If JUI followers argue with you about people who don’t know Arabic are illiterate what would be your response? Or you think whoever goes to madrasa and get religious education are illiterate. If someone makes no sense it doesn’t mean that you have to respond in the same way.

      1. Dear Salahudin:
        This is a public platform called media where everyone has a right to express his opinion. JUI expressed his opinion and I expressed mine. I have never read anywhere that the Government of Pakistan has appointed you to teach us lessons of morality and Ikhlaqiat. So shut it, and see to your own business. If you have any opinion express it, and if you don’t simply shut it. Do not teach me anything.

  25. This is a serious situation and should be dealt with seriousness. JUI as a whole is a political front of Taliban and whoever wants to know their role in setting up TTP and helping Al Qaeda after the US invasion of Afghanistan must read book, Descent into Chaos, by Ahmad Rashid. JUI central leadership and specifically their leadership of Baluchistan have been helping Al Qaeda and Taliban. Today JUI stands out in harming Islam, Islamic teachings and the pure message of peace of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH.
    JUI Chitrali leadership is not far behind. They once held a public conference in Commerce College Chitral in favor of Taliban and now this stupidity.
    I think the civil society of Chitral shall go to court and sue JUI leadership in this matter where they have risked the lives of scores of innocent people working for AKRSP and AKDN. All other political forces of Chitral including JI shall come together to shun this madness and shall hold processions and condemn strongly these mullas (who are good for nothing).
    In the end, a humble request to to DCO and Colonel of Chitral Scouts to please book these molvis under the recently approved law PPO where they can be held in jails for six months and after six months book them under the Terrorism Act. This will be a great service to the peaceful people of Chitral.

  26. If some people aren’t happy with AKRSP, they should request the Taliban or Al Qaida or ISIS or Saudi Government to build a power house for them without disrupting the development projects in Chitral.Because of such hindrance, AKRSP has not been able to achieve its target as it did successfully in Gilgit Baltistan.

  27. Respected All.
    JUI believe that AKRSP and other organizations of AKDN are controversial and Suni community had not benefited from these organizations. JUI has rejected the decision on principles .It is not a political statement rather it is based on logic and principle. Why the government fund goes to controversial NGOs? This topic could be debated and we are ready to participate in any such debate and will prove our stance true and logical.
    As freedom of expression is right of every person but taking the advantage of this right nobody could be allowed to malign religious circles. Therefore we request our brothers and sisters that before commenting please review your wordings.
    JUI is not against any NGO rather we appreciate the work done by non-controversial organizations and will cooperate as well. But no one should expect us to keep soft corner for organizations with hidden agendas and those challenging Islamic teachings and the culture, traditions and values of Chitral.
    AKRSP and AKDN have practically divided Chitral in to different groups which is against even the rule of donor agencies who always stress upon strengthening of communities.

    1. Dear JUI Chitral,
      You have mentioned that suni community had not benefited from the services of AKRSP so it has divided the community of Chitral. It is not the organization who is not ready to work for the development of the suni society rather it is the suni community who does not want the services of AKRSP. Most of the developmental activities throughout Pakistan come from USA, China and other secular countries. All such grants are wholeheartedly accepted but thus handful number of so called mullahs make the innocent people fall far behind in the development due to their personal interests.

  28. JUI Chitral leader very conveniently termed akrsp a controversial NGO. If you read between the line, and if the govt asks him which ngo should carry out the work, he would settle on a compromise but at a cost.

  29. Great stance. I hope JUI would be specific and declare that anything done by AKRSP is haram. There is no question where the money is coming from. If the money from non-Muslim sources is handed over to a pure Muslim, of course, it gets cleansed and can be used.
    The molvis right from the beginning have opposed the setting up of powerhouses by AKRSP in lower Chitral. It is better the AKRSP transferred the funds to the accounts of molvis so that they on their own can build their bijli gars in accordance with the teachings of Islam.

  30. Wah ji! If Farangi zakat (EU fund, UNDP, WFP,WB) utilized through SRSP headed by Shahzada Masoodul Mulk is 100 per cent halal. ‘shamo low halal’

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