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Kuragh girl students score outstanding marks

KURAGH (CHITRAL), July 17: The students of the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Kuragh (for girls) showed outstanding results in the Higher Secondary School Certificates (HSSC) and Secondary School Certificates (SSC) exams held under the Aga Khan University Examination Board in May. In the HSSC Part-I, Fehmida Hassan obtained 423, Sundas Mehrin 421 and Zahid Wali 400 out of 500 marks and were declared first, second and third respectively. They obtained 84%, 84% and 80% marks. In the Part-II HSSC exam, Shehla Nawaz scored 930 (84 %) out of 1100 marks and remained first, Yousra Wali seconf with 917(83 %), and Faryal Subhani with 886 (80 %) marks remained third in the school. In the Secondary School Certificates (SCC) level examination, from Grade-9 Mehr angez, Huma Javeed, and Faryal Nausheen secured first, second, and third positions in school by obtaining 484(88%), 479(87%), 478(86.9%) respectively in school. In Grade-10 of SSC level by obtaining 930(88.5%) Sidra Shehbaz secured first position, Nausheen Iqbal by scoring 907 (86%) secure second and Irshad Nihar by obtaining 887(84%) out of 1050 marks affirmed her third position in school.—Alhaj Muhamamd Khan]]>

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  1. Hayat Khan says

    Congratulations to all the students, their parents, teachers and the management of AKHS Schools. Congratulations may also be extended to the siblings Kashif Nawaz and Shehla Nawaz for their outstanding performance.

  2. Muhammad Jalaluddin Shamil says

    My congratulations may plz be conveyed to all the shining and emerging stars of AKHSS Kuragh.

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