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Ex-DC trying to make a comeback to Chitral

ISLAMABAD, July 10: Former deputy commissioner Muhammad Shoaib Jadoon is flexing muscles to stage a comeback to occupy his favourit chair by dislodging his incumbent counterpart Aminul Haq in Chitral. dcHighly credible sources said that chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan was not happy over the transfer of Jadoon as deputy commissioner Chitral by the provincial government believed to be impressed by his hospitality during his trip to the district. Another factor which the sources described behind the likely comeback of Mr Jadoon is his close connections in the military establishment, adding the incumbent DC is not in the good book of his brethren in uniform. They said the military was instrumental in cancellation of the current DC’s posting to Dir before he was assigned the same job in Chitral. They said his placement in Chitral was also not welcomed by the military establishment. The former DC was not popular among the people of Chitral as he did not pay any heed to the development of the dilapidated infrastructure in the district. One glaring example was the bypass road which could not be completed despite passage of seven years by the C&W department. The people complained that the former DC failed to tighten the noose around the C&W department and slow pace of work at the bypass road speaks volume about his poor administration, giving a free hand to the C&W contractors. Another major problem which the people of the town faced during his tenure was construction of small bridges and culverts in the vicinity of the town washed by the floods. The deputy commissioner reportedly took least interest in the development of the district despite having all the resources.]]>

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  1. Abu Saleh says

    Why Mr Jadoon is keen to come back to Chitral? The answer is quite simple. Here no one dares to challenge him. He did whatever he can to enjoy his tenure without doing anything about problems faced by the district. The people of Chitral should learn a lesson from the people of Skardu. I salute them the way they taught lesson to DC Raja Fazle Khaliq. Otherwise these bureaucrats could not be reigned in. We the people of Chitral also request CM Pervez Khattak to post out the Chitrali additional assistant commissioner who accompanied the DC Jadoon whìle he was raiding the examination halls with gun-toting policemen. If an AC can be transferred to Chitral from D.I.Khan after the jailbreak, why a tiny PMS officer, the AAC, could not be transferred for terrorizing the children as majority of them have failed.

    1. Shahpar says

      Ooh zhan, AAC ta kia khatan dosiru boye la…hateghan hani qahri to. Ingira hani zhonan mozhi e hote kia reko kia lo sawaz no boyan.

    2. Muhammad Jalaluddin Shamil says

      @Abu saleh
      Ma hush no tariran pesa royantay, pesa ke istariar giti asumi. Jonathan Swifto e story sher “Gullivers travels” ray. tan safaro muxi Gulliver qadawar royan bastia b tansoro hataytn pushta bo phuk qamat wala layran.Hatay deho kurguno ocho magas hani lot bonian ke hatet gullivero asania usnay aliko bash bonian.Gulliver qadawar bastio badsho pushta insanan harkato kiawat ke bayan koyan badsho zuban ar insanan bachain “chota makru kira” ray alfaz nisi nian…….Baz haya page a diru comments gullivers travels o yado taza konian…Ajeeb lu ke e jam braro su gilgita bayhisti biko kia banda bila wajah koshanio izharo ke koyan haya luo gullivers qadawaran badshot diru bo khur alfaz hato apakar nisay seer.
      Mt has saran ke haya comments dyak NASA kia lot sciencedan boi, thay PMS of bachain “Tiny” alfaz istimal koyan.Har kos korum no PMS officer bik. Haqeeqat haya ke bo mehnat och ilm ganikar achi PMS officer bin boyan. Kia AAC o bara remarks ke haya brar diti asur has wo ho ghona tamam officer an chitralo asasa…Comments dyawa chitraro culturo jhalak show ke hoi lolak d ispa ezato koni. Ingar tan muxi hamish ego shum namayn ke hoi outsider an pushta ispuk bin boy.

  2. sajid mansur says

    It will be highly unfortunate if the former DC is brought back to Chitral but one can rightly expect of the PTI leadership to commit such a folly.

  3. Ali Begal says

    It is the job of the government to make transfers as they please, what sort of unnecessary things we have indulged ourselves into.

  4. Hameed Sangal says

    @ Mr Ahmed, The By pass roads debacle was the result of the corruption of the contracts in cahoots with the C&W department and for which they all are put behind the bars. And for your information the Ex DC and the current AC Mastuj have been the first officers in the recent past to visit the far flung areas of the Chitral which you are calling leisure trip. They deserve commendation to reach to all the corners of Chitral and i believe they are supposed to do. The reports of these visits were also posted on this website in the past. Further i fail to understand what mechanism are you using to measure the success of the officer under discussion. lastly i think it is as important for a government officer to keep the NGOs in check through visiting them or attending their programs and their is nothing wrong in doing so.
    I suggest you should come up with some solid arguments rather commenting uncessarily.

  5. Imran says

    These kind of bureaucratic reshuffle should be least concerned to a common man. No heavens are going to fall if he comes as DCO or anyone else occupies the slot. The developed world has a system of local governance which is directly relevant to the lives of ordinary masses. We all should urge for the introduction of the same in Chitral if we want any change.

  6. Ahmad, Islamabad says

    The posting of the former deputy commissioner Muhammad Shoaib Jadoon to Chitral will not augur well for Chitral and Chitralis. The development of the backward district came to a standstill during his tenure.
    Perhaps, he was the only DC in whose tenure Chitral suffered the most. There was no development as he was very fond of wasting the taxpayers money on leisure trips to Broghils, Kalash and other far-flung areas without doing anything constructive.
    He made a trip to Broghil but never fulfilled his promises made with the people of the area. The only job of the young DC was to enjoy the protocol for which the people of Chitral still remember him. He was most favourite man of the NGOs where he was often seen as chief guest.
    The NGO bosses are trained in a way to lure government administrative machinery to meet their ends. When it comes to Chitral, the NGO walas were so happy with the former DC as he was the man of their taste.
    Another thing which we could recall about him was that he was so fond of terrorizing schoolchildren by raiding the examination halls along with his gun-toting security guards.
    He completely ignored the Chitral bypass road and the thing which spoiled his reputation to the point of no return after he failed to rebuild a pedestrian bridge at Denin which was washed away in floods.
    Oh my dear, God help Jadoon in realizing that a DC once posted out could not come back how influential he is. Don’t waste your time to stage a comeback. And yes you are most welcome to Chitral on a leisure trip.

  7. Ali Safdar Khan says

    The ex DCO was a competent man and he was transferred on the behest of the millitary establishment in Chitral as they had issue with the Mr Jadoon on the occupation of one of the Government Rest Houses in Chitral . Mr Jadoon did not allow the millitary to take over the government rest house. please get your facts straight.

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