Denin starts receiving water from Golen

CHITRAL, July 7:  At last, water from Golen started flowing into Denin on the completion of a Rs.324.60 million project initiated during the previous government. SONY DSCMember Provincial Assembly (MPA) Saleem Khan was chief guest on the occasion while the ceremony was attended by executive engineer Public Health Engineering (PHE), Deputy Commissioner Ameenul Haq, AC Minhasuddin and workers of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). The funds for the project were granted by the previous PPP government. About 29,000 people will benefit from the project under which a pipeline of 10 inches diameter has been laid from Golen at a distance of 26.5 kilometers. Zahir Shah, spokesman for the PHE, on the occasion said nine water tanks were constructed each having the capacity of storing 5,000 to 30,000 gallons of water. The pipeline, he added, would carry 1,000,000 gallons of water per day. Speaking on the occasion, the speakers hailed the efforts of Saleem Khan for motivating the previous government to allocate about 32 crore 46 lacs rupees for the project. Some of the residents raised the issue that at present 65 households in the area had not been provided water connection while there were pipes lying openly on the ground. They said the water pipeline would run on a test basis for three during which the contractor will be responsible for any damage to it. After three months, the project will be handed over to the Water and Sanitation Unit through the PHE.SONY DSC Addressing the gathering, former AC Sardar Muhammad said Singor, Shahmirandeh, Seenlasht and Balsch had been without drinking water for the last one month. The residents, he added, were facing water shortage since 1995. He asked the PHE and WSU for immediate supply of drinking water to these areas. The executive engineer of the public health department said water under the Golen scheme would be provided to the eastern parts of Chitral while Angarghon water would be given to Singor areas. He said the project have been designed for 20 years to supply drinking water to the town area. In the end, the MPA inaugurated THE water supply scheme by unveiling the plaque. A large number of people attended the function.–Gul Hamaad Farooqi]]>

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  1. I would like to second Navroza Sher Ali and Bakhtawar Salik as they’ve rightly pointed out the problems faced by the settlers of Dolomuts. Majority of these people have no other place to go as they have no land in any other parts of the district. In such circumstances due to unavailability of even clean drinking water they have been forced to live sorta frustrated life. I would request the provincial and district high ups to take special notice of water scarcity in Dolomuts. Saleem Khan must realize the gravity of the situation that this time the issue of water shortage in this particular area has been raised by women and not by the men. I would also request MPA Bibi Fauzia to stand up to help their sisters who are in trouble as they just cry for a single drop of water. Pls Dolomuts ko Karbala ka maidan mat bano Saleem Khan sahib…!

  2. I would like to draw the attention of the authorities concerned towards the plight of the residents of Dolomuch (Sayurj side) and Singoor.
    In the developed and fast paced world of today, it is hard to imagine that citizens have to plead for basic necessities like water. For the last one month, Dolomuch residents are suffering from extremely tough conditions. Water supply from Shasha is totally cut off. Pipelines for the WASEP water scheme have been laid but water supply has not been initiated as yet. The residents are forced to order tankers for daily use at hefty charges. Those who cannot afford the tankers have to manually carry water drums from long distance. 
    Now that Denin has started receiving water from the Golen project, the water supply to the area should be regulated through either Shasha or the WASEP water scheme. This situation is very frustrating for the residents, especially in the presence of infrastructure and pipelines of two major water supply schemes in the area. 
    Bakhtawar Salik

    1. Thank you so much for discussing this issue Bakhtawar.Currently I am living in Dolomutch and suffering from this problem, I myself wanted to bring up this issue on Chitral today , but due to non availability of internet service, I would not be able to do so. Today I got access to the internet and feel so good that being a non Dolomuch resident you raised this problem.
      Navroza Sher Ali

      1. Navroza I can so relate. Dolomuch has been treated long enough as ‘No man’s land’ by our representatives. I never had any hopes from the government projects.However, I always had the highest regard for projects started by WASEP but it has proved out to be no good. Expected this one to work especially when the community had contributed to the project as well. Must admit, i have been hugely DISAPPOINTED! Take back the pipelines please. They are rotting in my backyard!

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