After 10 years, foreign mountaineers return to Chitral

CHITRAL, June 27: After about a decade, a team of four mountaineers from Switzerland have arrived in Chitral to scale Terich Mir, the highest peak of the Hindkush range in upper Chitral. Talking to this correspondent here on Friday, Tourism Corporation of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (TCKP) managing director of Mohammad Ali said the mountaineers would spend about three weeks in the 47km long Terich valley.

TCKP is planning to celebrate Terich Mir’s scaling for the first time by a Norwegian team in 1950.

He said the team comprised two male and two female members who had arrived in Shandur to see the polo festival, which concluded last week. He said two more teams, one each to trek and scale Terich Mir, would arrive in Chitral next month. Mr Ali said that the arrival of expedition teams to the picturesque Terich valley had filled with joy the hearts of the local people as tourism in the area came to a standstill after the rise of militancy in Malakand division.

He claimed that the TCKP had been making all-out efforts to attract tourists to Chitral which had congenial environment for tourism. He said that an expedition team from Russia would reach the valley by the end of July to scale the Terich Mir peak, which is the highest peak in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Describing some of the efforts for the promotion of tourism in the area, he said that the TCKP was going to arrange celebrations to mark the first scaling of the Terich Mir peak 65 years ago to attract more expeditions. The peak was first scaled by a Norwegian team in 1950. Foreign expedition teams rush to the valley every summer to scale the peak. But the expeditions were stopped after the rise of Taliban in Malakand about a decade ago.–Zahiruddin

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  1. The curse of this sorcery has destroyed the great religion of Islam. These greedy jinnath masters, may Allah curse be on them, have destroyed some precious lives. The women, 99pc of them are well educated, are the clients of these jinnat masters. The most popular among them are a lady from Lotkuh, Rehmat of Bilphok. And their mureed spread from a minister, a pilot, a top banker, NGO walas, a top guy working with PESCO, to a welder working at an auto workshop at Danin. So they make enough money by misleading people. And now they’ve fixed their eyes to make s6e dollar. I would request the clerics to issue fatwa against these evils of the society and force the district admin to implement it in leuer and spirit. It’s destroyed the whole society and a Chitrali has also found a similar jadugar in Swat. The district admimin must take serious note of the curse.

  2. According to an upper Chitral based fortune-teller,the ‘Fairy-Kingdom’ of Terich Mir had protested against the planned scaling of the mysterious peak. According to the fortune-teller his domesticated faries have narrated about the grief and anger of the invisible inhabitants of Terich Mir.The ‘Nangini’ under the control of the said fortune-teller have also showed the resolve to confront any intrusion in their dominion. “The fairy kingdom will never allow the foreigners to summit the peak, an enormous danger is awaiting the climbers in the Mid-point of Terich Mir”, the fortune teller is reported to have been said.
    However, “if the climber want a safe expedition they must have to appease the nangini”, said the fortune teller. The fortune teller is ready to teach the climbers the techniques of appeasement of nangini if contacted by the latter with a ‘Musk-e-naf’.
    lets see whether the prophesy comes true or the climber fell convenient in following the Khowar adage, “Thuhto tay Yaseen Kia dahkar Thul vaythuk”

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