Community's role in preservation of biodiversity hailed

CHITRAL, June 27: Adviser to the chief minister on environment Syed Ishtiaq Urmar has said it was the local community in an area which plays effective role in the preservation of biodiversity for which Chitral can be cited as the best example where the rare species of Kashmiri markhor was saved by the local people from extinction. markhorAddressing on the occasion of giving cheques of community shares to different village conservation committees (VCCs) in Chitral, he said that the in lieu of the best conservation efforts, the wild life department gives 80 percent of the trophy hunting fee to the community. He said that the wild life department has organized the VCCs for conservation activities and it has successfully saved the population of markhor since 1980s. He said that Chitral is blessed with rich variety of animals and plan species which must be conserved with the active participation of concerned communities so as to ensure sustainable management of wildlife in the province. He said that it is our religious and moral responsibility to protect and conserve wildlife and its habitats. He said the recent phenomenon of global warming and climate change is the result of irrational use of natural resources. Mr. Urmar said the rich biodiversity of an area helped the boosting of tourism as a tourist takes keen interest in seeing a markhor in its natural habitat and it was quite possible from a range of only a few yards in Garam Chashma road. He asked the local community activists to judiciously utilize the funds for the collective development of the community so that its each and every members takes a keen interest in the conservation process which was our ultimate objective.–Zahiruddin  ]]>

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