Court stops construction of college near Chitral airport

The airport manager of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) filed a case against the provincial government for illegally constructing the technical education institute Chitral. The CAA claimed that the illegal construction was a serious threat to safety of the aviation activities. It was stated that the DG CAA had also sent a letter to the KP chief minister to restrain the institute from constructing the college in the danger zone, but to no avail.

It was stated first the CAA allowed the provincial government for construction up to 360 foot, but the technical education institute continued construction in violation of the no-objection certificate (NOC) that was dangerous for the flights and safety of the passengers.

It said the construction could create hurdles in the take-off and landing of the passenger planes. The CAA also made secretaries education and establishment, board of technical education and principal of Vocational College of Chitral as respondents in the case.The CAA has also warned the provincial government that that if such illegal construction was not stopped, then the CAA will be forced to suspend the Chitral flights operation due to safety of the passengers and aviation activities. It was also stated in the case that the Khyber Pakht-unkhwa government held an inquiry against the construction of a house of the then district coordination officer Chitral at the edge of the runway, but the report was still pending in the Home and Tribal Affairs Department despite of the passage of six months.–The News


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  1. I think a similar story was published about the construction of the former DCO’s house who frequently disturbed chitralis and became don. What about that house which was also inconvenience for landing PIA? Now when Army officials are going to make vocational training centre so they not digesting. I think it is that one. If the DCO house is completed, then why not this centre. Or the pilots became too expert to ignore DCO’s house while landing. Had the PIA officials filed a case against the former DCO.

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