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Chitrali bureaucrat attacked in Skardu

SKARDU, June 25: Deputy Commissioner Skardu Raja Fazal Khalique was beaten up by villagers in the Chomik area yesterday in the absence of police officials. FazalAccording to details printed in the regional press, the DC had gone to the construction site of a mosque in Chomik over which there is a dispute. The DC, reportedly, ordered the people to stop working on the site which led to an exchange of hot words and as a result a number of locals people there beat him up. Fazal, a resident of Chitral, later told the media that the police did not listen to him and he was thrashed by the mob in their absence. He also complained about his teeth being damaged and bleeding from his mouth. The DC has not sustained major injuries. The police, however, maintained that the DC had gone to the site without informing them.–Pamir Times]]>

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  1. alhaj muhammad khan says

    This is a sad incidence happened with a person of good reputation and service as a down to earth civil servant.
    This is reportedly a matter of taking control on government property in guise of the construction of a holy mosque. It shows the outlook of the people of the area how they interact with people of caliber ,shame on them for their immoral act.

  2. Aftab Ali says

    Agree with Shamil Sb

  3. Muhammad Jalaluddin Shamil says

    @sajid mansoor
    A dost nang namus d kia ishnari la. Chitrali culture ta ma muxa internalize no biti sher mt saran..Ta e baw-ezat braro su gustakhi biko, tosu izhar-e-hamdardi koko ta muxha guts ke niki hay qesma comments d no daylik oshoi. Sorry, very sorry.

  4. sajid mansur says

    Is tarah to hota hai is tarah k kamon me!! ha ha ha ha ha ha

  5. Khalid Zafar says

    Condemnable and shameful act! the govt should do serious actions against the people concerned.

  6. Muhammad Jalaluddin Shamil says

    DC fazle Khaliq of Mastuj is a competent, efficient and decent officer, who always believe in fair play.We condemn The unruly jahils for their abominable action.
    We are proud of our son Fazle Khaliq. GB govt must take stern action against the wild and savage villagers and the police department should be made accountable for their negligence.
    Shame on the Sakardu police.

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