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The unusual U-turn of the PTI

ISLAMABAD, June 19: The education department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa took a U-turn, restoring the female district education officer (DEO) Chitral on Thursday after Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan grilled the provincial education minister for taking the wrong decision on mere gossips. The PTI chairman took serious notice of the education minister’s decision to make the woman DEO as officer on special duty (OSD) after he was sent tweets by this correspondent. Muhammad Atif Khan, the provincial education minister, had turned the guns at the lady officer on the verbal complaints of Sajjad Ahmed Khan, a local PTI leader, who was accused of pressuring the female DEO to recruit his man as a Class-IV employee. The decision to make the woman official sent shock waves in the area with different political parties condemning the step taken by the provincial government. But the concerned authorities had nothing to substantiate the punishment to lady officer when Imran Khan himself took notice of it after it was flashed in the media. “How can I restore her [Zohra] as I’ve told Khan sb [Imran] that there are complaints against her. I’m not going to restore her at all,” the minister was quoted as saying when a senior JI leader approached him to revisit his decision. The local PPP leadership, including Bibi Fozia, the PTI MPA on seats reserved for women, who had accompanied Sajjad Ahmed Khan and Haji Sultan and met the education minister, also made hectic efforts for the restoration of the official but all in vain. The sources said PPP MPA Sardar Hussain had lost all the hopes and made a humble appeal to the KP government on the floor of the provincial assembly to replace the DEO with a competent woman. However, a tweet sent to PTI chairman Imran Khan by ChitralToday, stating: “People of Chitral humbly request you [Imran] to personally look into the matter as Atif Khan is hell-bent to destroy girls’ education by trying to accommodate their own people on key posts,” worked and the woman official was finally restored on her post. The political parties, civil society, educationists especially the women and schoolgirls of the area highly thanked Imran Khan for restoring of Ms Jalal as DEO (female) and termed the move a step forward towards promoting the girls education in the mountains of Chitral. By rejecting the falls allegations against Ms Jalal by none other than a handful of opportunists within his own party, they added, the PTI chairman had proved his party believed in motivating honest and efficient officers who perform their duties with honesty. “With the restoration of a competent officer like Zohra Jalal despite all the conspiracy from the local PTI leadership, Imran Khan has proved there is no room for those who still want the status quo to prevail”, said Sardar, a local teacher. The people also expressed the hope that the local leadership of PTI, a good number of whom have been exposed after they were found involved in illegal cutting of green trees, must refrain  from misguiding the senior party leadership like they did in this particular case. At the same time, they also called upon Ms Jalal to come up to the expectations of the people, as any sort of favour, favoritism or political like/dislike will spoil her reputation. They said that she must undertake her official duties with full honesty without bowing to the pressure of the political parties, adding she should pay full attention to ensure the attendance of teachers in girls’ schools and eradicate the menace of cheating.]]>

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  1. Sardar Qayum says

    As chairman PTI has given the ultimatum to enter Islamabad with a tsunami of 1 million people after Ramadan, a clear indication Nawaz Sharif should start packing. Taking advantage of PTI govt in KP I would request Imran Khan to order a probe into misuse of both govt and AKRSP helicopters during recent Shandur festival. The thing which perturbed Chitralis the most was that some female also took a joy ride by sitting amongst the man despite non-availability of a fèw seater cosy chopper. The people of Chitral have been disgraced.

  2. Salahuddin says

    Why you guys are making this simple matter a huge problem.
    We have lot more important issues to discuss. An officer was made OSD and restored so what. We all know how how our corrupt system works as we all part of the system and we do all kind of unfair means if we get a chance. Corruption is in our blood. There is only thing that our MPAs are good about Transferring of masters and usthanis in education department . This credit goes to all MPAs from past to present. They can’t do anything beside this.

  3. Ali Bahader says

    Wish if Rehmat Ghazi almaroof Charno chief along with Syed Sardar Hussain Shah could also intervene in the timber smuggling by no other than Abdul Lateef. They should also take notice why Sajjad is pocketing money from people in the name of jobs. I also like to inform the PTI and PPP walas to play such an exemplary role as somebody very important is going to be shown the door in a similar manner very soon. Let’s see how powerful you are. The so-called leadership that is hands in glove with a timber mafia don can claim they reinstated the woman against whom they had complained. The PTI government has failed in Chitral and with the recent disclosure of RS 6 crore penalty on Abdul Lateef is an eye opener for all the sensible Chitralis. Our leaders including chief, Sardar Hussain, Saleem Khan can hardly communicate in front of the people in the down country which is reflective from the recent visit of IGP KP Naisr Khan Durrani. The way Sardar Hussain and chief submitted to IG Police, without any doubt, deserve no less than a slot than prime minister. After making to the Provincial Assembly Sardar Hussain considers himself as chief minister of Sub-Division Mastuj, Chief of Charun acting like defacto governor Chitral, while Saleem has been advised by Sardar Hussain to consider himself as lifetime minister for population welfare and with Rs 60 crore fine for illegal cutting of trees, Abdul Lateef has been given his most favourit title “King of the Jungle” as he has proved he undying love cutting trees. This is the state of affairs in our beautiful Chitral, so I must salute the brave and vibrant team of Chitral Today for exposing all these black sheep one by one. Keep it!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kamran Hussain says

    Mrs Zohra was reinstated on the advise of PTI leaders led by Mr Chief and MPA Sardar Hussain also supported their views..There is no truth Mr Imran Khan intervened in the matter..

  5. Nadir Khan, Karachi says

    Hold on hold on, PPP wale, Jamaat wale, etc etc. Do not rush to take credit for the restoration of the woman official. She was made OSD on the recommendation of some of the PTI leaders from Chitral and restored on the same post also on the recommendation of another group of PTI leaders from Chitral. Actually, there are at least two strong groups in PTI Chitral who have been fighting to subdue each other. And worse, the top leadership is confused and is unable to clear the mess.

    1. Mohsin says

      Sahi to kaha hai kionki Imran khan molvion ki baat hi manta hai.

  6. Qaiser Azam says

    Our MPA Shah sahb is only famous for charismatic speech, he can do nothing in practical political ground, Zohra Kae is restoreddue to press conference of JI district leader Maolana Ghulam Muhammad. Thanks for IK to listen them

    1. M. Wali, Mastuj says

      I am impressed by your claim that Imran Khan decided to restore the DEO after your moulana held a ‘press’ conference in support of the DEO. I request you to please ask your worthy moulana to hold another such ‘press conference’ to ask Nawaz Sharif to release funds for Lowari tunnel. So man we are indebted to you to inform us that the press conference of your mulla is so influential.

  7. A Chitrali daughter. says

    If Sardar Hussain could have restored Zuhar Jalal, why did he threatened DEO (MALE) Haji Nisar with dire consequences by saying he would make him OSD like Zuhra Jalal. Even then if he claims to do so why did he telephoned the DEO female and asked her to accept some other position as there was no hope of her restoration. Just ask him why did he lie to the elders of the area that he had got cancelled the OSD order. Also ask him what is he going to do about the timber mafia that remained on his hit list when he was not an MPA.

  8. Chatrari Xhaw says

    MPA sardar Hussain k mutabeq Zuhra jalal uski koshishoon ke wajah say bahal hua hai..PPP k karkunan may ye khabar pheli hui hai k sardar hussain nay zuhra jalal ko bahal kia hai.Hum jana chahtay haa k kis tariqay say kis ke koshishoon ke wajah say Miss Zuhar bahal hui hai????
    Chitral k Awam khususan Upper Chitral ke awam ye jana chahta hai.Kunkay kaha jata hai k MPA sardar Hussain nay MPA hostel Peshawar say Booni may apnay karkunoon ko call karkay bataya hai k usnay Zuhra jalal ko dubara bahal karwaya hai.
    MPA Sardar Hussain jhut bol raha hai ya Chitraltoday jhut bol raha hai????? Plz isko clear karain jisko b sahi malumat haa

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