One Reply to “Use Shandur as an opportunity to promote peace – not hatred”

  1. Aseer Sb, i agree with all ur nice thoughts. We respect and love our GB brothers. But they are doing injustice and their claim is ridiculous. We wellcome them as our worthy guests at shandur and everywhere in chitral, but will never accept their lame claim on the soil of shandur.
    Qateel Shifayee says in one of his verse.
    “Dunya may usaw koi munafiq nahi qateel”
    “Jo zulm to sehta hai baghawat nahi karta”
    Sir,hum chitrali kisi ko ezat dayna b jantay haa or apna haq laynay k liay baghawat b kr saktay haa.
    We love to live with our brothers of GB with peace but not at the expense of our rights.
    I recall the gathering organized by Chitral and Ghizer Cultural Forum at Shah Abdul Lateef Bhitai auditorium Islamabad in February 2014, where u stood on the stage and raised the slogan of the unity between the two entities. But is it possible to materialize unity with our brothers who claim our centuries old possession as theirs? Their Unconvincing claim on shandur will not promote peace but will sow the seeds of hatred and separation. We don’t want to be at draggers drawn with people of GB, They must also follow the golden principle of “geo or humay b genay do”.
    Aseer Sb, Khakam ba dahan e lu doman, tan muxi lu la,tu tan good name o su “Aseer from chitral and gilgit” ray nivashiko, Bilawal tan name osu Bilawal Bhutto Zardari chakayro ghon sarayran……

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