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Triple murder case: Heirs seek judicial inquiry, police accused of trying to spoil evidence

CHITRAL, June 10: Over a month after three persons were killed over a land dispute in the Osiak village near Drosh, the families of the deceased demanded a judicial inquiry into the incident alleging the police were trying to twist the case in order to benefit the murderers.

According to the police, Aminul Mulk alias Noorul Mulk and Muazazul Mulk had purchased a piece of land from Akhunzada Ghulam Dastagir in the Osiak village but Maqsudul Mulk and Iqbalul Mulk allegedly tried to occupy it.

Shamsul Mulk, a brother of the murdered men, while talking to ChitralToday alleged that Maqsud and Iqbal hired professional assassins from the Damel and Arandu areas to kill his brothers. When this correspondent visited the village and spoke to the family members of the murdered persons, they narrated their ordeal and appealed to the chief justice of Pakistan and the KP chief minister to provide them justice.

Ghulam Dastagir, the original owner of the disputed land, told ChitralToday that he had sold the land to Masiul Mulk, the father of Aminul Mulk, but Iqbalul Mulk and Maqsudul Mulk were trying to occupy the property. Shamsul Mulk alleged that the land grabbers and their accomplices warned Aminul Mulk that they were going to uproot his wheat crop and a tent pitched on the land.

When Aminul Mulk went to the land early in the morning on May 4, the suspects armed with automatic weapons already waiting there opened fire on him, he alleged. Soon the only son of the victim, Samiul Mulk, aged 14, arrived on the spot but he was also shot dead.

After hearing the gunshot sounds, Muazazul Mulk, a brother of Aminul Mulk, reached the land but he was also shot and injured. Muazaz was shifted to the district headquarters hospital in Chitral where he died after three days. Muzazul Mulk and Noorul Mulk, both retired army men, were good football players. The family of the victims immediately informed the Drosh police about the incident but the police arrived at the scene five hours later though the village is located at a distance of just one and a half kilometres from the Drosh police station.

The culprits not only killed my husband at our own land but also eliminated our generation by killing my only teenage son. Now I am left with my three young daughters, widow of Aminul Mulk.

Besides, six daughters and two year-old-son of Muazazul Mulk have also become orphans. The widow of Muazaz said her enemies had also planned to eliminate her only minor son and by mistake they threw the son of a relative who had come to her house into a pond but he survived as the water in the pond was not deep.

The families of the murdered persons said when the residents of Ayun held peaceful protests against deforestation and when the people of Singoor protested against loadshedding, the police booked them under the anti-terrorism charges but when hired assassins tried to occupy their land and killed their heads of families along with a teenage boy, the police forgot the terrorism charge.

When contacted, Dr Nooruddin of the DHQ hospital told ChitralToday that Muazaz remained admitted to the hospital for three days before his death.

“He was stable and fit to record statement but the police did not bother to record his statement,” Dr Nooruddin said. A legal expert added that non-recording of the statement of the injured would weaken the case against the murderers. The family members of the deceased also alleged that the police were trying to spoil the evidence and their hesitation to record the statement of the dying man strengthened the allegation.

When a complaint was lodged with Gulam Hussain, the district police officer (DPO) Chitral, about the police failure to record the statement of the dying man, he suspended the investigating officer Rahim Gul and transferred the triple murder case to the crime branch.

When this correspondent contacted the DPO, he admitted that it was the fault of the police not to record the statement of Muazazul Mulk who remained admitted to the hospital for three days and was fit to record his statement.

He said the matter had been included in the charge sheet, however.

Ziauddin from the family of the deceased alleged that the Drosh police were trying to weaken the case and give benefits to the murderers who had been brought in from the border areas of Arandu and Damel.

The Drosh police have registered cases and arrested Iqbalul Mulk, Maqsudul Mulk, Jahan Zeb, Gul Ahmed, Ram Dad Khan, Qayyum and also recovered the weapons allegedly used in the murder. Shamsul Mulk, the brother of the deceased men, said some people were using Vardak and Pathan hired assassins from the border areas.

Two Pashtoon men belonging to the Afghan border areas were also injured in the Osiak incident and they are still admitted to the THQ hospital of Drosh. When this correspondent visited the houses of the persons accused of killing the three men, their male members were already in jail and the doors of their houses were locked.–GH Farooqui

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  1. Izhar muhammad khan says

    @Nasir Mehmood, Yes you are right. Police need not to be laid out for sale. The negligence of police in this case is indeed a matter of concern. I will not get into a judgement here. But as far as i remember Mr. Iqbal and Mr. Maqsud ul mulk are considered as a perfection for their good conduct with the people around. What makes a question over here is, what made them do that? what have these “innocent” men did to them? Did they do it by themselves ?
    ————-questions are there but nobody have the answers.. Several testimonies have been taken from the people around. None of these testimonies match each other. There is no actual witness. All these news are just made up by his brother…~

  2. Nasir Mehmood says

    Irrespective of legal owner of the land and related dispute, the cold blooded murder of three people through the support of mercenaries is highly condemn-able act and the role of police in the whole episode is also deplorable and disappointing. If government and especially prosecution led by police give such free hands to criminal and do not prove them guilty in the court of law due to faulty investigation then people will opt to take revenge by themselves which will be disastrous for peace in the country and especially in Chitral. DPO Chitral is requested to terminate the defaulter police officials who showed negligence in investigation and the police officials should be tried along with the criminals. It is extremely unfortunate that people are not trusting on police and judiciary to get justice and if this perception is not catered and confidence of people on police and judiciary is not restored then people will try to settle their matter by themselves which will create anarchy in the society. KP, Chief Minister and IG Police should make this one as test case and especially the prosecution team should provide justice to the aggrieved parties. it is an established face that If there is no justice in the society then Anarchy developed by itself. Police and security agencies are getting hefty income from national exchequer from the hard tax income of the people but they are not providing them security, what a shameful state of affair.

  3. Izhar Muhammad Khan says

    This is pretty much biased reporting. I, personally, consider it a slanted material. Ghulam Dastagir’s father, 19 years ago, sold the land to the then MNA Shahzada Mohiuddin. The case continued for seven years and ultimately Mohiuddin couldn’t prove his claim and drew his case back and settled on a piece of land from Ghulam Dastagir’s property in Gingerait. 12 years later, Mr. Nurul Amin, along with his brothers, claimed to have bought the land for “1 crore”. Meanwhile, Mr. Ghulam Dastagir, acted like he never knew anything, even refused to appear before the magistrate. Mr. Nurul Amin, the man with the world’s last left automatic gun, started to roam above the houses of Iqbal ul Mulk and Maqsood Ul Mulk. The issue turned out pretty much serious when he posited many tents above the houses of these individuals, sitting in their with his “last left automatic gun”. —- Whatever happened later is thoroughly outlined in police investigation and can only be proven in the court of law.

  4. Muhammad Jalaluddin Shamil says

    Ye halat hai Mumlakatay Khuda Dad, Arz-e-Pak ke.
    “Hr Aankh Hai Pur Num, Hr lab Pay Fughan Hai
    Qanoon He Qanoon Hai Insaf Kahan Hai’.
    Sirf Drosh may Beth kr Bachian Nahi ro rahi haa,Arzay Pak k Hr konay say masoom janoon ke siskian sunai day rehi haa..

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