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Local admin takes credit for upgrading Shishi powerhouse

DROSH, June 7: Assistant Commissioner Basharat Ahmed said the non-repair of the Shishi powerhouse was the biggest issue for the residents of the garrison town and the local administration made all-out efforts to make it working and restore power supply to the area.

Talking to this correspondent here, the AC said soon after taking over the charge he wrote to the deputy commissioner Chitral emphasizing the need to repair the powerhouse on a priority basis to resolve the issues of the residents.

He said three organizations were involved in managing supplying electricity to the town from the Shishi powerhouse: the administration of the powerhouse was in the hands of Hydroteck, supervision with SHYDO and WAPDA was responsible for the distribution of the electricity.

The residents of the areas were repeatedly complaining about lack of coordination among these three organizations. AC Basharat said in his July 13, 2013, report to the deputy commissioner he had suggested that the administration of the powerhouse should be taken back from Hydroteck and given to SHYDO, which has now been renamed as PHYDO, the water reservoir of the powerhouse should be rebuilt properly and the WAPDA staff be transferred.

He said due to lack of maintenance the production level of the powerhouse had decreased to hardly one megawatt from 1.8MW. The AC said that on the basis of his report, the then DC sent a request to the commissioner Malakand to upgrade the powerhouse. He said he did an extra effort to make the powerhouse functional to its full capacity and the DC also took an interest on his report to resolve the longstanding issue of the people of Drosh.

He said to repair the dam of the powerhouse, the provincial government released Rs160 million which was judiciously utilized. He said that the experts of the Golen Gol powerhouse were also invited to the site to seek their expertise. As a result, he said now the Shishi powerhouse is getting sufficient water to generate enough electricity to meet the demands of the consumers. He said that arrangements had also been made to install water filters in the dam.

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