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Rs.300 million water project goes to waste

PARWAK, June 3: In the year 2012, the government sanctioned Rs.300 million for laying pipelines to supply clean drinking water to the residents of Parwak. [caption id="attachment_18981" align="alignright" width="594"]Boys fetching water in Parwak. Boys fetching water in Parwak.[/caption] However, even after over two years the infrastructure constructed for the project appears worth not even Rs.100,000. The tank constructed for the water supply has been left incomplete and is gathering all types of dirt inside it. Sher Hazar Khan, former UC Naib Nazim, while complaining about the miseries of the local people told ChitralToday that the area people were obliged to Ghulam Muhammad, the former MPA, for bringing such a productive project for the residents but due to negligence of the officials of the Public Health Department and contractors the residents were compelled to drink dirty canal water. The project was to be completed on June 30, 2013, but even one year after the deadline it remains incomplete. He regretted that there was not even a staff that could look after this public property. Another resident of the village said the Public Health Department was not cooperating with the residents. He was of the view that the department should allay the reservations of the residents about the mega project. Another angry resident while talking to ChitralToday remarked: “We had a gathering a few days ago and informed the local administration about the situation and demanded arrest of those persons who were responsible for the failure of the project and wastage of public money.” The residents also warned that they would go on a hunger strike if their demand was not met by June 10. “If the issue is not resolved within the given deadline, we will devise a strategy to block the Mastuj Road during the annual Shandur festival,” they added. One of the residents said in Upper Parwak pipelines were rusting in the open since 1989 when the late Allah Dad of Chunj was the contractor to complete another project worth Rs.3.2 million. It is astounding that the people of Parwak, located in front of the scenic Sonoghur village with abundant of streams and spring water, are still forced to fill their traditional Sardawae (mud made water well) for drinking water, he added. Qurban Khan, a local social activist, said: “I met the concerned officials in the presence of newly-elected MPA Sardar Hussain in their office. Besides his instruction there seemed no progress.” He also said the concerned engineer should be made accountable for deceiving the people of Parwak by making the water project controversial.]]>

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