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Nabbed C&W officials, contractors ‘pocketed’ millions of rupees in two road projects

CHITRAL, June 3:  The Anti-Corruption Department Chitral has at last launched a crackdown against corrupt officials and contractors of the Communication & Works (C&W) Department Chitral.

According to section in-charge (police station anti-corruption) Inspector Zafar Khan, on the information of Ameer Muhammad and other residents of Booni an FIR No 1 dated 23rd May 2014 was lodged against  Syed Jalaluddin Jan, retired superintending engineer of the C&W department, Nazir Ahamd, retired executive engineer (XEN), Fazli Khaliq, retired executive engineer, Fazli Mabood, sub-engineer, Hafizul Asad,  sub-engineer, and Sadar Qazzafi, a government contractor, under  PCA Provincial Corruption Act in connection with an  inquiry No 33 in Sweer road and 1.5 kilometers Torkhow road corruption cases.

They were accused of  embezzling Rs. 5098305 and Rs. 3458244, respectively in the two projects. Contractors Syed Jalaluddin Jan and Sadar Qazzafi were arrested and sent to the Chitra jail on judicial remand. 

While in FIR N0 2 dated 25th May 2014 lodged on the complaint of Ghulam Muhammad and others of Chitral against Syed Jalaluddin Jan, superintending engineer retired,  Fazli Khaiq, XEN retired, Nazir Ahmad, XEN retired, (their names also mentioned in a previous FIR in another corruption case), Ghulam Jalil, sub-engineer C&W Booni office, Muhammad Khan, sub-engineer Booni office, Abdul Salam, divisional accountant C&W Chitral main office, Raham Badshah, division accountant C&W Mansehra, Habibur Rehman, contractor, and Abdul Muzafar Khan, retired bank manager and a government contractor, in the Torkhow road funds scam case.

A huge amount of funds was allegedly embezzled in Warijun, Mulkow and Torkho road projects while Rs. 5098305 were reported to have been recovered from these accused persons as well as from the contractors. According to the FIR, after receiving complaints against their alleged embezzlement the Anti-Corruption Department forwarded the case for technical inquiry vide their letter No 5046 inquiry No 33/11 on 22nd June 2011 to the technical department Peshawar. It was confirmed from district jail Chitral that Syed Jalauddin Jan, Qazzafi and Abdul Muzzafar contractors were arrested and sent to the jail while police were trying to arrest the remaining accused persons.

In this connection, when this scribe contacted Chief Engineer C&W Department Engineer Muhammad Ijaz Yousufzai, he said he had not received the copy of the FIR against the accused. Furthermore, he added, only the secretary C&W can take legal action against an executive engineer and SE.

He said his department was not in a position to take any action against retired officials. The matter was also brought into the notice of Dilroz Khan, the chairman chief minister’s complaint cell, but he was not aware of the case. Social and political circles of Chitral have hailed the crackdown against these accused persons for allegedly misusing pubic funds amounting to millions of rupees. They also demanded an inquiry in the alleged embezzlement of funds in the Mastuj, Parwak, Torkhow road projects.

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  1. Thumbs up to PTI for introducing The Anti-Corruption Department in Chitral! Finally we are seeing some changes in making people accountable and addressing any wrong doings. This is a much awaited step to help in cracking down on individuals or groups involved in corrupt practices. As we all know, corruption has been a challenge, an obstacle for successful development in Chitral. As a result, we have witnessed many setbacks in terms of expansion within the region. There are numerous examples where we have seen cheap material being used to absorb more profits, bridge collapses, road work has started however never completed, buildings or other infrastructure collapse and we have witnessed millions of rupees being promised/designated to the district for various projects in the name of development but in some cases, with minimal outcomes.
    Unfortunately the money continues to be wasted and/or absorbed by few for (personal gain). With influence, in most cases, these culprits have gotten away with this for so long. I hope to see significant changes as this department broadens its scope to higher level individuals involved in corrupt practices. Holding people accountable and penalizing those for wrong doings be it maximum fines or jail time in due course will start to discourage illegitimate practices. One day we might even be able to embrace the “whistleblowers” phenomenon in Chitral! This will certainly send a strong message be a huge step towards eradicating and deterring corrupt practices.
    Mir Hassamuddin
    Milton, Canada

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