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Radio Pakistan chief's claim and Chitral

I watched the live interview of Samina Pervez, Director General Radio Pakistan, on PTV the other day. She reiterated to strengthen rural broadcasting station in the country. radioI wonder why she has ordered to dismantle the two KV FM transmitter installed for PBC Chitral station in 2005. I am astonished how she has imposed a ban on the maintenance of 25W AM transmitter installed in PBC Chitral station in 1993? I am at a loss to understand why she directed to gradually close PBC Chitral station during her short tenure in office? If the worthy DG of the state radio is sincere to his words, she is earnestly requested to pay heed to the plight of the people of Chitral and restore three KV FM transmitter and 10 KV AM transmitter in order to strengthen the 21 years old broadcasting station of Chitral which is meant to cover 14,850 square km area and the 28,400 km area across the border in Afghanistan.—Farooq Ahmad  ]]>

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