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Internship opportunity for Chitral, GB students

SKARDU: A local nongovernmental organisation has announced internship programme for the young graduates of Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral. youthThis was announced by Sohail Awan, executive director of Human Resource Development Network (HRDN), while speaking at a daylong conference on `youth poverty and peace` here on Wednesday. Under the programme, Mr Awan said young male and female graduates would have a three-month internship period with HRDN and its partner organisations. `The interns will be paid monthly stipend,` he said, adding that the deadline to apply for the programme was June 22. Mr Awan said that the objective of the internship programme was to provide support to fresh graduates from GB and Chitral to utilise their academic knowledge and exploit professional skills in their respective fields. Students will be made to interact with professionals of different NGOs and pubic sector organisations to polish their skills and become true professionals, he added. The NGO representative said that the internship programme would before the young graduates of GB and Chitral living in rest of the country. He said that the project would be launched in collaboration with the Enhancing Employability and Leadership for Youth project of the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme. Mr Awan said that HRDN had a national network of more than 1,000 individuals working in the development sector across Pakistan. He mentioned that currently more than 130 national and international organizations were members of HRDN.]]>

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