Another Chitrali journalist selected for US programme

ISLAMABAD, May 29: The United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP) has selected Mr Zulfiqar Ahmad, a resident of Khuz village in upper Chitral, for undergoing training in American media organizations starting August this year. Mr Zulfiqar works as an Islamabad-based reporter for the daily Business Recorder Karachi and as Editor Rphotoeporting for ChitralToday. The visit of Pakistani media persons to the US is being arranged by the American government under the US-Pakistan Professional Partnership Programme for Journalists. It may be noted that Mr Zulfiqar is the second journalist from Chitral to be selected under the US exchange programme. In 2012, Zar Alam Khan, chief editor ChitralToday, visited the US under the same programme and worked with Providence Journal in the Rhode Island. Team ChitralToday congratulates Mr Zulfiqar for the selection and hope this would add to his journalistic experience.


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  1. My special thanks to all these very special pesonalities including my freinds for all their best wishes and appreciation. I’m so grateful…thanks a billion. Stay blessed.

  2. Congrats Mr Zulfiqar, It looks Chitraltoday reporters are recommending each others for these visits as Zar Alam was the first to visit. But do not worry you do qualify the visit, you are a good journalist. This is a good oppurtunity and will give you the exposure you need. This is your first visit and try to learn and be positive during the visit and convey your views in a positive way.

  3. congratulations.Bo jam opportunity la brar.Go there to learn and come back to serve.

  4. Congratulations to Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmad for being among the few from whole Pakistan.Definitely U deserve this. It will be an honour and of great value to work with high caliber media professionals in US.

  5. Dear Zulfiqar bhai, my heartiest congratulation to you and your family for this, me and my family praying for your successful life always. God bless you keep it up.

  6. Congratulations to Mr. Zulfiqar for the selection US program, this is a good opportunity and will benefit to Zufliqar and Chitral at large. Enjoy the best opportunity, wishing you good luck.

  7. Congratulation Zulfiqar for your scholarship to the US. You have made us all proud .I wish you many years of great achievements.

  8. Dear Zulfi, Congrates for the achievement, keep it up and get most out of it for your professional growth. Chitral is proud of you. With best wishes

  9. I congretulate Mr Zulfiqar Ahmad for being second to another ZEE, Mr Zar Alam Razakhel to avail the lifetime opportunity. It is indeed an honor for Chitral and Bravo; keep it up.

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