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Small traders decry Sunday closure of Chitral bazaar

CHITRAL, May 25: The decision of the traders’ association in Chitral to keep the local bazaar closed on every Sunday has created angers among small shopkeepers and vendors. traders copyThe association has decided to strictly implement the decision and impose fines on those who would open their shops at the weekend. The residents of the city said that the weekend vacation was good for big businessmen and those working with the traders. But small traders, vendors and daily-wage workers have decried the decision as it would deprive them of the opportunity to earn a living to supplement their income. The small traders said there should not be forceful closure of the market and the weekly market closure should be optional especially for small traders. They also demanded that the district administration should intervene and direct the traders association not to force the small shopkeepers to close their business on Sundays.]]>

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