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  1. Junaid says

    Zohra Jalal is working in temporary position, as the grade scale of DEO is 19 not 18, her behaviour is like a dictator and should be removed from the position or she should change her behaviour.

  2. Ahmad, Islamabad says

    Besides being a very good administrator, Ms Zohra Jalal is a very bright officer and these blackmailing tactics by some quarters against her must stop. The lady officer had already dragged former provincial minister for population welfare Saleem Khan and former MPA Ghulam Muhammad to the court after they made a failed attempt to blackmail her. They were seeking transfer and posting of their choice in order to rig the polls in the elections by giving undue favours to their cronies. I suspect some vested have have also launched a similar malicious campaign against the lady officer which will not serve anybody’s interest. As far as misbehaving with the gentleman and several others like him is concerned, he should keep in mind that she is grade 18 officer and don’t expect she would offer a cup of tea for you. Keep up the good work kai. Click at the following link to get further details about your two worthy corrupt MPAs, of whom one was kicked out in the recently held re-polling while the other is making efforts to steal his share of the cake as usual from the development projects for the backward district.

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