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An appeal to new DC Chitral

DROSH, May 18: There is much to be done for the infrastructure development of the Chitral town which needs billions of funds that is beyond the capacity of any deputy commissioner. We are happy that Mr. Aminul Haq has assumed the charge of the Deputy Commissioner in Chitral. We will be very grateful if he takes only three steps for the public interest. 1. Deputy Commissioner is requested to take personal interest in timely completion of the bypass road and Mulan Gol Bridge which are causing serious inconvenience to the general public. The concerned contractor should be made accountable and asked why he has taken more than five years for the completion of these two public importance projects. 2. People of the Chitral town are facing serious problems amid scarcity of water. The Golen Gol water supply to the town should be inaugurated without waiting for the end of the summer season so that the residents could have access to clean drinking water in the holy month of Ramazan. 3. Deforestation is in full swing in limited forest areas of Shishikuh, Kalash Valleys and other forest compartments of Chitral. There should be immediate step to stop this menace for which people of Ayun observed a hunger strike in Chitral. There should be immediate ban on commercial harvesting of forest so that the people of Chitral could be protected from the wrath of devastating floods in the coming days. Flash floods are the direct result of deforestation in Chitral. It is also pertinent to mention here that we made the same appeal to former DC Chitral Mr. Shoaib Jaddon at the time of his taking charge but he completely ignored all the issues and left the district without resolving these and many other issues.—Nasir Mehmood]]>

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  1. Shahid Khan says

    Appreciate Chitral Today for pointing out these doable things to the new DC. I was amazed to see the thin iron ‘Saria’ being used at the Mulan Gol bridge. Can Chitral Today post a photo of the same for record. The contractor should be taken to task on this. If the bridge falls, it can dam up the Mulan Gol diverting the flood to Muldeh or Chitral Scouts HQ. Also to note is that every summer the Kalash people put the Oak forests on fire and in winters sell the firewood. Every year FIRs have been registered against unknown people but it is obvious who is the beneficiary of the firewood selling. Unfortunately, different segments of the society are becoming irresponsible with the aim of making a quick buck, tegar Khurutu baichar.

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