Experts highlight community's role in fighting diseases

CHITRAL, May 17: Speakers at a seminar held in the Karimabad valley highlighted community’s role in controlling different diseases among the citizens and protecting agricultural crops against pests through timely spray and other precautionary measures. Untitled-2The seminar was organized by the Aga Khan Health Service in collaboration with the French MFA project. Director AKHSP Dr Saad Mulik was chief guest while the seminar was presided over by chairman Aga Khan Regional Tariqa Board Lower Chitral Mr Shah Nawaz. Those who spoke on the occasion besides Dr Saad Muluk and Mr Shah Nawaz included manager administration AGHS Rahimullah, agriculture expert Azeemullah, Dr Nisar Hussain, Dr Asif Ali, RPM Hasho Foundation Sultan Mehmood, Dr Ambreen, Momin Shah and Sharif Ahmed. They highlighted different ways in which saplings are planted and spray on crops carried out keeping in view the weather condition of the area concerned. They also stressed the need to maintain cleanliness and said that with the passage of time in one’s life, human body faced different disease and it was imperative to be careful about the diet one takes. They said that prevention was always better than cure. The speakers also stressed the need for timely vaccination of children against different diseases. —Nazir Hussain  ]]>

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  1. It is very important before starting a campaign against diseases that the Organisation to be directed in a way which may not harm the natural balance in eco-system.
    The untimely and short term oriented sprays , usage of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides have destructed the eco-system ,important species and birds which have had a key role in combating diseases in plants, crops and human life. the endemic cadling moth’s existence in some places in Chitral in plants is one among them.

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