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Pre-school course in Khowar (Part II)

There are two number books: Khowar alphabet and writing book in the pre-school Khowar course. The number book starts counting one to 10 with the help of pictures to lead the children from easy to difficult learning approach. It begins with pictures and dots such as by showing how many birds are flying, how many fishes are in the pond. The number book two covers from 10 to 20 which leads to start simple counting of addition and subtraction exercises. The Khowar alphabet book is to learn Khowar letters which starts from Alif with the construction of a word in Khowar showing it in a picture. The sort of order in the alphabet book is normal than the Khowar Qaeda in which the sort of letters is designed with increasing usage. It has been thought out in this book to use the word has already been utilized. Once it required to use new word it has been placed in the book as side word for usage. The side word will be put into letters, to word and vice-versa. The writing book one starts with using of pen over the lines drawn in the book. In this sequence letters are introduced to pen over them. The next book of writing introduces children to the letters once they complete the first book to pen over lines. To further writing skill of the children class activities are arranged by teacher with a strategy to relate it with morality, religion, and science by taking help from the teacher guide book. This is new approach to learning in pre-school level is without a challenge to implement it. The fact is that to teach a child relating learning material with authentic context has greater impact to achieve maximum output but required professional human capital and material resources with conducive learning environment is pre-condition for replicating MLE initiative of learning in mother-tongue.–Concluded The writer is a teacher and a free lance journalist-based in Chitral.]]>

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